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A special reception for the head of state of Bulgaria in Meiringen. Good relations with the small EU countries should benefit Switzerland in negotiations with the EU.

Two jet fighters F / A-18 leave the shed at the Meiringen Military Airport. President Ueli Maurer ordered her. Their ugly flight to the mountainous world of the Bernese Oberland is a surprise for Bulgaria's head of state Rumen Radev. He is a trained combat pilot and served before his election to the Bulgarian Air Force.

Bulgaria also speaks in Brussels

It is Maurer's special attention to his guest Radev. Beware of maintaining good relationships. "We said spontaneously that we show him what he has lived and knows for years," explains Maurer during his visit to Meiringen.

Radev, wall and launcher

Together with Ueli Maurer, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev (in front) attended an alert exercise at the Meiringen Air Force Base.


Bulgaria will decide in Brussels on the framework agreement between Switzerland and the EU. The Federal Council wishes to improve this framework agreement negotiated with the EU. This requires time and allies in the EU.

We have very good relations with Bulgaria. We have expanded it further.

But not only Switzerland seeks interests in its relations with Bulgaria. Bulgaria also has specific interests in good relations with Switzerland and in regulated relations between Switzerland and the EU.

The billion of cohesion as a diplomatic door opening

From the amount of cohesion paid by Switzerland to thirteen EU countries, 76 million francs have arrived in Bulgaria. It funds projects in the field of safety, health or education in Bulgaria. One of them is a police academy that Maurer opened last year in Sofia. Contributing to Greater Security and Stability in Bulgaria. That is why the country must be involved internationally. Bulgaria is running for the OECD and the Eurozone.

Supporting the stock market exchange rate

During his visit to Switzerland, Bulgarian President Radev also says that Switzerland is important for Europe and the EU. "Bulgaria has a real interest in good relations between Switzerland and the EU. This will we support the recognition of exchange rates for Switzerland. "

European Commission representatives have recently noted that Brussels will no longer recognize the exchange rate of Swiss stock exchanges if the Bundesrat does not sign the framework agreement in the summer. In this case, Swiss bonds must no longer be traded on EU stock exchanges and trading platforms.

Silent but effective

Bulgaria is the first EU country to invite Ueli Maurer to Switzerland during his presidential year. Already in 2013, it has given the honor to the smaller EU countries – not to major countries – as a federal president with Finland, Austria and Lithuania.

"And we also understand each other well," said Maurer after meeting with Radev. This diplomacy is not spectacular, but it can be quite effective. Bulgaria also speaks and decides in Brussels on the regulation of relations between Switzerland and the EU.


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