Thursday , February 25 2021

Only a few people know this iPhone trick – multimedia

A woman has just changed countless lives with a simple tweet, expanding the horizons and saving us an incredible amount of time.


Are Apple products like the iPhone too expensive?

In this, he writes about a simple iPhone trick, with which we regained control of the cursor after countless failed bug fixes.

Anyone, for example, pressing the space bar – or any other button on the keyboard – while writing a text message with SMS opens up completely new features for correcting text messages. Finally, in a message, the cursor can move freely, without the hassle of finding the right spot and missing at least twice at a time.

It was not the only one

The heroine of the Twitter course is Krissy Brierre-Davis, who shared her new platform knowledge last Sunday. As Likes and comments show, as well as more than 100,000 users did not know anything about the way Apple is trying to simplify our lives by 2015.

The food blogger from Atlanta not only out-issued Normalo users, but also tech-savvy nerds from the field as Stone Age people. Like a technology journalist from The New York Times, who was amazed at Krissy's tweet and prompted to make a note on the platform. These half of the comments on the tweet "Are you really stupid?" but it takes it with humor.

Among the mass of wild and shocked iPhone users there are also several commentators who "have long been in business". As long as the Apple device has the 3D touch function, with which shortcuts and applications can be operated with pressure, the doors of the new world are open.

The digital telegram 2018

Digital telegram 2018

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