Saturday , September 25 2021

Mercedes EQS at the driving show. The electric S-Class can do that

With EQS, Mercedes has put a sleek and completely futuristic electric car on the road. Announces a new era. Because as early as 2030, the traditional brand that once invented the combustion engine would only sell electric cars – ten years earlier than previously planned. The strangest thing is that the high-tech vehicle started on simple wooden benches à la Munich Oktoberfest.

Mercedes Board Member Markus Schäfer (56) recalls: “We started in 2016 with the aim of building an electric S-Class. But we have challenged our whole way of working from the past. “The individual offices have been removed. We have cleared a factory room and put wooden benches, some cabinets and sofa corners. We have gathered the whole development team in this open office.”

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