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Martullo-Blocher earns millions by saving CO2

In April, Ems-Chemie's chief executive told Blick: "We are the Swiss company that cuts most CO2!" Later in the article it becomes clear why: Energy is an important cost factor. "Any savings means less cost," says Magdalena Martullo-Blocher.

Or more cash: Why, as calculated by "SonntagsZeitung", Ems-Chemie's CO2 reduction between 2013 and 2018 reached a record of about 7 million. A big incentive to cut emissions.

And so it works: The federal government sometimes gives very generous CO2 reduction targets. As a result, some companies are clearly below their emission targets. This is evidenced by new investigations by the Federal Environment Agency.

The Lucerne woodworker brings together 30 million

To get below the targets, companies receive credits. These carbon credits or certificates can then be sold to other companies. This is how the seven million of Ems chemistry are made.

Even more lucrative is CO2 savings for Lucerne Swiss Krono AG carpenter. It has received nearly 30 million francs worth of credit in recent years.

The WWF climate expert criticized the system: "High additional profits are a clear disease and the result of unprecedented pressure on business associations as management has set the rules." (Koh)

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