Tuesday , October 19 2021

Instructions from Easa: The Airbus A380 must be repaired


At the back of the super jumbos, a point needs to be strengthened. Airlines that want to continue operating with the Airbus A380 must therefore repair their aircraft. This is what a new directive of the European Aviation Authority says.

D-AIMH no longer beats it. On Tuesday (September 14th) Lufthansa transported it to Teruel for long-term storage – the latest Airbus A380 in the fleet. Now all the superjumbos of the German airline are there. Another 21 copies of the XL aircraft have also been parked in the Spanish aircraft cemetery by their pilots. Most have little chance of returning to paradise.

Those who return will have to undergo additional repairs before they can be put back into operation, as has now become known. Because the European airline Easa proposes a new air navigation directive for the A380 based on an Airbus recommendation. It will enter into force on October 5. With such letters, referred to in the industry’s phraseology as the Airworthiness Directive, authorities worldwide are instructing pilots of certain aircraft models to take steps to correct deficiencies.

It can not withstand the maximum load

The new airworthiness directive addresses defects in the so-called section 19 in front of the tail cone, the conical component at the rear of the aircraft. An analysis of fatigue and damage tolerance had shown that the connections between the fuselage skin and the structure did not meet the self-imposed requirements. According to Easa, they are not able to withstand the maximum load under the heaviest thermomechanical load housing. Therefore, Airbus calls on all operators to strengthen their positions.

In Europe, Air France has already given up its Airbus A380, Lufthansa does not believe they will take off again. British Airways, on the other hand, continues to design steadily with its superjumbos. It is true that Easa is no longer relevant to the UK after Brexit. But authorities around the world are likely to take the lead.

Large group of further operators

In addition to British Airways, ANA All Nippon Airways, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air and Qantas belong to the group of further carriers. Everyone is already flying the Airbus A380 again or they have announced that work will continue.

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