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Homecoming against Wolfsburg: Crisis at all levels: Hannover needs victory in derby – Bundesliga

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At the table, Hannover 96 is only in 16th place. Inside the club, two camps are almost hostile. To ease the tough situation at least half, the club needed on Friday night an urgent victory against derby against VfL Wolfsburg.

In this ongoing conflict, you are slowly losing the road to Hannover. Club Chief Martin would like to take over the majority of the shares in Hannover 96 and therefore supports the German Football Association before an arbitration tribunal.

An opposition wants to prevent this assumption and overthrow the 96-boss with the help of an extraordinary general assembly. For weeks, both camps have overwhelmed each other with comments and mass claims.

Through these confused confrontations, the Hannover 96 team must focus on a difficult athletic situation. This is to prevent the Bundesliga's second downgrade in just four years. As Hannover scored just six points in the first ten games of the season, Niedersachsen's derby against VfL Wolfsburg will be very important this Friday night (20.30).

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"We know the score, we know the table, we know it's a win now, so we do not lose the draw," Kind said. The listener can only hope that the hard struggle for the future direction of the club does not burden the players too much. "This is a matter of committees, the team should not touch that," the boss said.

At least at the athletic level, the derby week has so far a week's shoulder-to-shoulder in Hanover. Martin Kind supported coach André Breitenreiter ("He has our full confidence"), director Horst Heldt did the same ("The coach behaves excellently"). The president and the director of the sport demonstrated with protest that they participated in a press conference at the sports center of the sports club table 16. together.

How great is trust in Horst Heldt – this question has always been something in the background always in light of the great turmoil. But the fight against Wolfsburg once again reminds us that the manager in the spring would like to change to neighbors from the city of Volkswagen – until the child's club's boss refused to face a 2021 contract on the release.

This development was not at the expense of VfL Wolfsburg. The almost deceased of the past two years brought along with Jörg Schmadtke another coveted manager, who in turn started an identifiable sporting career with coach Bruno Labbadia and two top changers Wout Weghorst and Jerome Roussillon. Already the derby cup last week won the VfL in Hanover 2-0. Also in this Bundesliga duel on Friday night, wolves are much less under pressure.

In Hannover, on the other hand, Heldt as an athlete is not easy. The failed change in Wolfsburg continues to depend on him, at least until now unfortunate change in the summer as well.

Despite the eight new registrations, which were committed to more than 17 million euros, the 96th who lost a convincing replacement for Schalke 04 changed defender Salif Sané and a partner for the injured wounded Victory Fulkrug. Asked if he feels the same degree of trust with André Breitenreiter in Hannover, Heldt replied on Thursday: "Actually, that's what I feel with me, but you have to ask other people."

So far Martin Kind in Hannover has always been in front of his coach and manager. And also Breitenreiter advertised before the fight against Wolfsburg for this lesson. "We now have a phase where we lose points," the coach said. "But you have to go through it together and then take the steps forward again." (AP)

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