Sunday , April 18 2021

Dragon Quest 11: Fighter of Fortune: He has sold over four million copies

Square Enix reports that Dragon Quest 11: Fate of Destiny's global sales to PC and PlayStation 4 (physical and digital) have surpassed four million.

Inventor Dragon Quest and Toy Designer Yuji Horii said: "I was really in the cloud nine when I heard that Dragon Quest 11 sold more than four million copies worldwide and when I was developing the first Dragon Quest game 30 years ago, I would never dream of it Once upon a time, the series will be played by people from and this is the eleventh title Dragon Quest, which with the theme of "The Journey of a Hero," also marks a new beginning for the series With over four million of these heroes all over the world, each one of whom is experiencing their own adventure, huh We created this game and I would like to thank everyone who has played Dragon Quest 11 – the fans of the older games as well as those who started with this title, thank you all. "

While Dragon Quest 10 still lacks the road to the western sphere, Dragon Quest 11: The destiny of destiny has made Europe in a revised form. For whom fans of RPG are the reason to make a smile, reveals the test.

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