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Coronavirus vaccination has a positive effect on our psyche



11. September 2021 – 21:42 clock

Corona gnaws at our mental health

Locking, short-term work, fear of infection and social distance: In its peak phases, the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on our lives, including our souls. As more and more people have been vaccinated, the situation has eased. The risk of getting seriously ill with Covid-19 is reduced for those who have been vaccinated. And vaccination not only has this benefit – it is also good for our psyche, according to a new study.

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Fewer signs of depression

Coronavirus vaccination has a positive effect on our mental health. This is what American scientists want to find out in a study published in the journal “PLOS One”.

The study included 8,003 adults who received the first dose of vaccine between December 2020 and March 2021. In March 2021, participants were asked again and again at regular intervals. The result: People who have been vaccinated show a clear improvement in their mental health. The researchers found that those who had been vaccinated were less likely to show signs of mild or severe depression than those who had not been vaccinated.

Research from the United States had shown that mental health problems had increased significantly during the pandemic. In Germany, too, the psychological burden and severity of cases increased during the Corona. In Rhineland-Palatinate alone, the number of questions asked by young psychiatrists increased by 53% year-on-year.

Coronavirus vaccination minimizes fears and concerns

So why does coronavirus vaccination now have a positive effect on our mental health? The reason is very simple: people who are vaccinated are less worried about coronavirus infection or getting seriously ill, US researchers suspect. In addition, they may be more socially active again and less restricted in their work. (acre)

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