Wednesday , October 20 2021

"Auerhaus" at the An der Winkelwiese Theater in Zurich


For the first time in Switzerland, LAB Junges Theater Zürich is organizing Bov Bjerg's "Auerhaus" documentary at Winkelwiese. The eight-digit set reports the story of suicidal Frieder with the playful joy of the game.

Beni Küng has built half a pipe in Winkelwiese's small underground room. This suits, because in the life of this youth flat portion in the German province all go up, down, up and down.

Although you drive to school with a bike, you still have his class. In addition, but is stoned, stole in the store, with the bitch and talked, sometimes the original and funny dialogues clearly express that the novelist is also a cabaret artist.

Five teenagers in daily clothes (Paula Herrmann) move to the empty home of Frieder's grandfather: Frieder (Balazs Gyenes), his friend Höppner (Roman Kiwic), his girlfriend Robi Graf, gay Harry (Charly Boanyah) and arsonist Pauline (Jasmin Gloor).

Because Bov Bjerg reveals the novel from the memories of Höppner and Vera, director Annina Dullin-Witschi doubles these two figures with Matthias Rott and Anna Katharina Müller. Finally, Matthias Kurmann plays several roles, including neighbor Seidel.

At the center of the harmonious organization is Frieder, who tried to get his own life. Through their gadgets and minds, the other four WGs seek to reinforce Frieder's will to live. They do it without a moral club, rather with youthful openness and curiosity. Everything is somehow shad to it, and the common experience connects.

The whole reports with great pleasure the WG-Tohuwabohu. The director adjusts the rhythm and brings the 90 minutes without relaxing to the stage. Rhythmic music and a vibrant sound atmosphere (Marcel Gschwend) contribute to the successful night.

Author: Karl Wüst, ch-intercultur

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