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Almi transforms Penguin into a carnival stew


Patrick Allmandinger called Almi opens with Rolf Tschan and Heinz Zimmermann a Fasnachtsbeiz. And in the former penguin pub.

Patrick Allmandinger wants to follow the steps of the abandoned penguin host. On November 5, a Halloween jam opens at the former penguin pub at the Schützenmattstrasse. This was announced by Almi on Friday at a media conference. There he wants to decorate in a similar frame. This means that larvae, picnolls and other carnival items will probably hang on the walls. Almi will work as stains.

It should become a tourist place to get to know Fasnacht. So it is not surprising that Basle tourism is also involved in the project.

Integrated Carnival Museum

The menu will be in the style of a "Zeedel" to be taken with you, says Almi. The menu includes soup flour, onion and waggis throughout the year. The restaurant opens at 5 pm and is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

You can organize guided tours at the Fasnacht Museum these days, which are also in the restaurant. On screen there are old "blaggede" and fabric masks that were in front of the larvae.

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