Wednesday , June 16 2021

100 Google Maps Innovations: This is how the map service needs to be improved

In addition, Google Maps makers are planning to expand in terms of weather and air quality. In the future, users will be shown data at their destination before they even start their journey.

The data does not come from Google itself, but from partners. While the weather feature should be enabled for all Google Maps users in a few months, the air quality monitor will initially only be tested in the US, India and Australia.

In Germany there will be ads for environmental zones in cities. For example, you can avoid the city centers on your route if your vehicle does not have a green sticker.

Google Maps should also offer highly climate-friendly routes. Factors such as road slope and congestion are included to calculate fuel consumption and therefore environmental impact.

This feature is also currently being tested in the US. If successful, however, it could be released to all Google Maps users.

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