Woman died after a bus accident in Eskilstuna – Bus driver sad – P4 Sörmland


The police have initiated a trial for another death and neglect of traffic, claims Björn Öberg, chief of police chief.

The woman who was in the 80s, was transported to a Mälarsjukhuset with an ambulance and was held in the intensive unit, but his life could not be saved. Relatives are informed.

The purpose of the police investigation is to clarify whether an offense has been committed in the event of an accident

"It's obviously incredibly tragic and our thoughts for the lady and his relatives, friends and acquaintances," says Bengt Karlsson, Managing Director of Transdev Eskilstuna.

The bus company is taking place now The facts are ignored by the police and the driver.

"He talked to his immediate boss, and he will continue in the coming weeks. If needed, we will also be included in the workplace healthcare if necessary.


"It's very sad, he's been shocked, he's been a cheerful driver, working for years, he was in great trouble.

The bus driver first told the police that he was driving the bus to the center and that there was a cab service taxi in front of the crossing in the direction of the bus, with some of the highway.

nowadays Two women arrived by bike from the National Park and came by car to the junction with Jõren Vävares Street, which was parallel to the crossroads. One woman she crossed, but not the other. He hit and fell and got headaches. According to the police, there is no comment that he had a helmet.

According to the tachograph, the bus driver traveled 24 km / h according to Eskilstuna Kurir.

Dag Pettersson tells the traffic police that the information that a taxi was in front of the bus route was just "initial information" and that it was to be checked. This is a number of factors in the police investigation.

According to the police, the driver has not yet been notified of the suspicion of the crime and has not been questioned about the accident.


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