Friday , March 5 2021

The valve ends with Steam Link, which is wrapped in stock

Steam Link is a small box that just lets you play Steam games on your weird TV. I bought him for the murderer of the past Black Friday and I might be happy – soon, I will not be able to buy anymore.

Valve announces that it has been fully exhausted in Europe (although there are still few retailers in Sweden who have stored products as shown in the price hunting section below) and will soon be in the United States. The valve will support the machine, but it can invest specifically in Steam Link.

Moving forward, Valve intends to continue to support Steam Link's existing hardware as well as the distribution of Steam Link software releases for many top smartphones, tablets and TVs.

You can read more about the application here, and we will also remember it for the "brave father" of the summer. The valve released the application to Ios, but Apple stopped it, so you tried again. Betan is also available on Android.

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