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The beds will be six in the Tokyo Olympic Village

Great ice cream snack: “Just ridiculous”

Photo: IOC MEDIA (Twitter: @iocmedia)

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are using all possible means to prevent the spread of covid-19.

One of the tricks:

Specially designed beds made of cardboard that will stop sex from having sex.

The Tokyo Olympics will be held despite the city being still in a state of emergency. Strict restrictions apply and the games will be played without an audience. Also, there will be no talk of a party in the Olympic Village, which is otherwise a tradition for the active.

When thousands of well-educated men and women in their best years gather in the same place, it can usually get hot.

As it is a unique experience in life, you want to bring as many memories as possible, whether it is sex, parties or arenas. “I have seen people having sex outdoors, on lawns and between buildings,” said former United States soccer star Hope Solo.

Photo: Eugene Hoshiko / TT NEWS AGENCY

Photo: Akio Kon / TT NEWS AGENCY

It’s called “antisex beds”

More than 150,000 free condoms are distributed during the Tokyo Olympics, but sex is ironically banned. And to ensure compliance with the rules, the organizers have taken additional measures inside the active hotels.

The beds are made of cardboard, can withstand a weight of up to 200 kg – but collapse during “sudden or strong movements”.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, they are called “antisex beds”.


Beds have become a big ice cream snack like this with a few days left until the opening, but Susen Tiedtke, a former long sweater, does not think she will stop having sex.

– Banning sex is just ridiculous. It will not work. “Sex is always something in the Olympic Village,” he told the German newspaper Bild.

All before the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

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