Wednesday , April 14 2021

Sörenstam has gone below par – he may cross the qualifying line

Annika Sörenstam, 50, can still challenge for the LPGA tour. 13 years after the last competition on the biggest stage, he is currently at the border to cross the qualifying limit in Orlando.

On Friday, he had about 71 strokes, one below par, when he represented three birdie and two stretchers.

Right now, +2 is enough to cross the qualifiers, but Sörenstam will have to wait for the rest of the starting line-up before it can start charging for the weekend.

Dani Holmqvist is the best Swede in a common 13th place, a total of three hits below par after a round of cannon (67 strokes). Lydia Ko leads at -10.

KLIPP: Sörenstam after returning: “Of course I was nervous”:

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Sörenstam: “Of course I was nervous”

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