Wednesday , June 16 2021

Police Christer on the search for Dante: "Tometo"

During Friday, the police came with a message that many were afraid of.

A dead man has been found in search of Dante.

"Standing and transferring the message that everyone is afraid to hear is not an enviable task," says Christer Bartholdsson, 54, director of local police at Falkenberg.

During three days, Falkenberg requested night and night after missing Dante, 12. Police, Military, Coast Guard, Missing Persons and hundreds of volunteers looking for needlessness after him.

Outside the parking lot at the Vinberg parish house in Falkenberg came the message that many were afraid of. In a few seconds the quest suddenly stops when local police director Christer Bartholdsson was in front of the press and the residents of Falkenberg on Friday afternoon.

"You had your education and you are used to speaking to the local press, but to stand and need to carry the message that everyone is afraid to hear is not an enviable task," Christer told Aftonbladet.

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12-year-old Dante disappeared on Tuesday night.

"It goes from hundreds to zero in a very short time"

The police used a rigorous search method throughout the week hoping to find Dante. At 15.41 they found a dying man at the Herting power plant. The body is not fully recognized, but everything indicates that Dante is missing.

– It's a vacuum. You go from hundreds to zero in a very short time, "says Christer Bartholdsson.

The search for a person, especially a child, is something that concerns the beginning from the end.

"You always want to hit a hundred percent." The huge vision that has stimulated us even more, everyone has gotten a bit extra, says Christer, and continues:

"You do not know that you are hungry, or have wet socks or whatever it may have been. Everyone has worked.

"I am human"

Search continues from Tuesday.

"I am human and dad and I work as a police officer. You are not a policeman in the sense that simply wearing the outfit is a complete layer of kevlar that leaves nothing. These are children who are sick and difficult to spread.

The disappearance of Dante has dealt with many, as noted in Falkenberg.

"It's like everyday life has stopped. It's companies that gave the staff a vacant search license, food-enabled entrepreneurs and headlights and thousands of volunteers, young and old, looking for Dante.

Now a last message is waiting and the body police identification arrived on Friday. Many people are sorry for what happened, but there is much love in deep sorrow.

"This is probably what I will remember most of this week, not the negative, but what we saw in the enormous commitment," said Christer Bartholdsson, "with great respect for Dante's relatives and friends who have suffered from unimaginable sadness, .

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