Sunday , March 7 2021

Olsson is celebrated by his teammates – Lindelöf: "He had to show the Swedish people"

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The player sees the highlights of the match.

Solna. Kristoffer Olsson competed with Russia.
After the fight, he is now praised for his contribution.
"It appeared for the Swedish people," says Victor Nilsson Lindelöf on the football channel.

The injury to Albin Ekdal made Kristoffer Olsson to start for Sweden in the crucial game group match at League Uefa Nations against Russia on Tuesday. Blåult won 2-0 and now moves into the A-Division tournament.

AIK's average, Olsson, also wins a lot for his contribution. The nice words began to come at a break. Then Albin Ekdal said the following about C More about the first half of his replacement:

– Very well. A good player. He has a lot of ball on it. A very good player.

After the game, he continued to pour in praise. Among others, from AIK teammate, Sebastian Larsson.

"Koffe" came in and made an amazing fight. Especially in the first half. He came in and wanted a ball, he wants to be this kind of different player in relation to what we have. I guess that's exactly what Janne wants (Andersson, the federalist), says Larsson.

"He made a brilliant fight It's a different kind of middle than we have He can defeat and give us safety with a ball, another choice He immediately showed he has confidence in himself after this season and he is not afraid of this duty.

Manchester United midfielder Victor Nilsson Lindelöf is also happy for his friend's good.

"I've played with Koffe earlier in a young team and I know what a good player is, I think it was supposed to show up for the Swedish people, very funny about him," says Nilsson Lindelöf.

Jakob Johansson was developed next to Olsson in the middle.

– Really impressive. I think he did it very well. He did his thing. He knows what is good and the other one is also known to be very parachute and safe, "says Johansson.

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