Tuesday , October 26 2021

New repair program to store missing ssd in Macbook Pro – check if you are killing


Published on Friday, Swedish time, Apple presented two repair programs, one for missing screens on Iphone X and one for ssd storage in the Macbook Pro without the Touch Bar.

Some machines have problems with SSD storage, with data loss and machines that eventually stop working as a result. Now Apple is launching a repairs program for three years, writes Macrumors.

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Macbook Pro

The problem is Macbook Pro without Touch Bar with 128 GB or 256 GB storage and machines sold sometime between June 2017 and June 2018. Users of these machines can enter the serial number in this link (also select Sweden). your own machine is likely to suffer. In this case, Apple recommends transferring the computer to an Apple store or Authorized Affiliate as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

There, the ssd software is updated, which will eliminate the problem in no more than an hour. However, all data in the disk will be deleted, so a backup is recommended before downloading the computer to Apple. For more information, visit the Apple website.

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