Wednesday , June 16 2021

Napoleon Bonaparte also died of cancer Dick Harrison

I In the past, cancer seems to have been completely overshadowed by plagues such as smallpox, cholera, plague, dysentery, measles and scurvy. However, the evidence for the disease is ancient. Thanks to fossil studies, we know that cancer as a phenomenon is millions of years older than humans, just like last year, researchers in Canada found a malignant tumor in the fossils after a Centaur lived 76 million years ago.

The oldest known written evidence is ancient Egyptian. The mythical physician and architect Imhotep, who lived in 2600 BC. and was an adviser to Pharaoh Josser, briefly described the disease. A piece of papyrus, the contents of which are attributed to Imhotep, depicts 48 diseases, fractures and similar concerns. Number 45 on the list is cancer. Imhotep explains how the disease can be detected by observing the hard, cold and swollen breast mass that does not appear to contain fluid or cause fever. As for the treatments, he states succinctly: “There is nothing”. One of the first known cases of cancer is also Egyptian: Pharaoh Hatshepsut died of bone cancer in 1450 BC, when she was 50 years old.

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