Saturday , May 15 2021

Mia Cuts, do you want to marry me?

I was not that good last. For many reasons. I realize I do not like that much. And generally I do not like people so much. It is OK.

And then, when I needed it the most, Mia Käringer came to Västerås and shone the starlight in a full Bombardier Arena.

I fell tears of laughter and sadness. Mia quickly went from joke to serious and back again, and somewhere there was the best humor. What makes me live in life, talking and laughing at the difficulties of life.

What does Mia do? It discusses sexual abuse, eating disorders, maternal injuries, death, society demands for girls, boys and more.

He is naked, in more than one way. Brave in every way. Reinforce all those who experience it.

Now blasphemy. Now we end up with this game and we are ourselves.

Mia Cuts sold 140,000 tickets before the tour began. Two spheres and three Scandinavian. Fully booked! However, she continues her spring tour. Go see if you have the chance!

I know how my attitude changes to myself and to the world when I hear Mia Cuts. When she says all I think, but can not formulate and promote this genius and hysterically entertaining way. In the words, body and voice of an angel. Yes, One sings many songs and the hair in her hands is straight.

When I sat there in the audience watching the One I remember how much one can do. For me. For Humanity.

And I do not know it. But on Friday it was the most important person in my life.

Now, unfortunately, I'm not a lesbian, but I'll get married easily with Mia Cuts.

As for the people you want to keep closer to their hearts in life, there are millions of things that are more important than sex.

Mia Skäringer received the public jubilee at Västerås on Friday.

Mia Cuts has "no =" "more =" "fucks =" "to =" "give ="

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