Sunday , May 16 2021

Malmo FF-Sargsborg – Simber Branks

Malmö. The Swedish gentlemen are only Swedish champions in a few days.

Then the Malmö FF team?

He took a step in the wrong direction, got a little cooler in Malmö.

He scored in Genk, which protesters against Besiktas, is squeezed into plastic in Sarpsborg. Those who wanted to sum up the European Parliament of Malmö FF needed a wide angle.

There were no plans, we did not see any lines. It was open one day, the world leader then froze and thirst for the third.

That's why we were here, so we went to the stadium.

We would like to know: What is Uwe Rösler crazy together? What is the MFF for the beam? Who in the world can trust?

In the autumn fog was fired from horror-horror films, the time for the map had sailed elsewhere and not against me. Sarpsborg does not have to meet in the sun, it sounds for the name.

The admirable, intense resource and the "extremist Norwegian" game, the Geir Bakke gang, brought a few thousand supporters south to fight for Scandinavia and this time it would not be replicated by the latter. Without artificial turf, without desert, without surprises.

There is no apology.

It is not tiki download

Can you know how it is when you play tennis on an amateur level? When a little worse player acts with a ball and puts back the balls and a smaller player trying to speed the ball? If the good player is good, he will win, if it is not what sooner or later he escapes, be fooled by his own ambition.

There you are in Malmö FF-Sarpsborg. The Norwegians showed all their weapons in four to five minutes at the beginning. They broke Anders Christiansen high up with their offensive press and reached the end, sending a direct ball to the fast Rashad Muhammed, sending the whole team, their relatives and relatives around Patrick McDinnerson to the penalty area of ​​the MFF to fight to the left Monster Case Joachim Thomassens.

It is not tiki download. But it's soccer.

And the Swedish champions (just a few days) have to push the ball, move on to the Norwegians and take care of the fight.

The MFF tried. Sören Rieks and Arnor Traustason pushed the tips of Sarpsborg, Behrang Safari worked more behind and came into positions – and that was good. They arrived, they were pushed, but they did not destroy the obstacles. Because the play with the edge worked, it became the only MFF to really try. They did not dare to play beyond the beautiful attitude of Sarpsborg's first line, they chose not to put balls in the middle to change the game and when the entries came, they won very few duels. Markus Rosenberg seemed to lose his patience, wandered around the hunt of a ball and was not even in place when the balls fell into the penalty area.

The MFF had the grip of the fight, the crowd in the back, but it was always something that was pulled. A little courage, a little speed, a small variation or – if we want to be honest – a little quality.

To some extent, it's safe to explain it with a lawn that is not really suitable for fast play after the pitch but it's also something as simple as the Malmö FF 2018 has not become a team that just walks out and makes a fight when it meets a team like Sarpsborg, which does not bother with just one detail.

It does not even have a waffle with sour cream

A disorienting Besiktas offered them on surfaces – and the MFF drove them over.

Sarpsborg did not reach even vanilla with sour cream.

We are used to making Malmö seduce us at Stadion evenings like this, somewhere there was the feeling that they could pass the second half to do it this time. If they continued, if it just got a little hotter, if only they …

… if they did not start changing long balls with Sarpsborg.

Now it was exactly what he was, and it was not at all absurd that he finished with Danish mortar Mortensen to move 0-1 in the end.

In front of the fight, the MFF was hunted against the playoffs, half an hour left looking directly into the gap. Besiktas did 1-0 at Genk, the RCD was down, but before the end, they had a chance. The patented Vindheim ball (diagonally in the penalty area, from Bachirou to Eric Larsson this time) allowed Marcus Antonsson to send a receipt and when Sander Berge threw a proof for Genk, Stadion's audience could postpone the anxiety for a few weeks.

It may not be what they want to be true yet, but they are not counted.

On Sunday they ended up being Swedish champions. Europe remains open for a while. It is up to Malmö FF to win his position there.

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