Saturday , January 23 2021

Kennelhosta worse than usual – P4 Stockholm

The cough of the kennel, which is in fact a collective name of many different viruses or bacteria, can inflame at any time of the year. But now it is worse than in many years, especially in the Stockholm area.

"I have been working for over eleven years and have never been involved in many discussions about the kennelhosta. That was so much gathered, too many at the same time," says Yen Dahlgren.

Kennelhosta makes the dog Take cough attacks, which sound a bit like something on their throats and can cause them to vomit. In some cases, the dog may have fever and pneumonia.

It is through direct contact, or if the dogs are shared, for example, food bowls infect, but can not affect other animals or humans.

It is often associated with reports or other cases that many dogs encounter, for example in play parks or on dog days as the infection spreads.

"We have many people at home and are sick," says Josefine Malmström, Vice-President of Danderyd's Dog Day.

He says to sick dogs He was immediately dismissed and allowed to sit in a hospital waiting to be picked up.

"We clean the dishes with special care now that there are kennelhostatids." We change the braids and make sure that dogs only go with their roommates so they do not spread in the room.

There are no numbers around the number of dogs affected by the kennelhosta. If it does not affect the general condition of the dog, that is, it continues to eat and it is as usual, the ordination rests and will not require any veterinarian. But in the Stockholm region it has been noted that this year's infection seems to be more prevalent than it has been for several years and that it is more serious, says Yen Dahlgren.

"The type of virus that appears to be blooming now has struck dogs a bit more difficult than it did in recent years.

It is possible to vaccinate the dog Against some of the viruses and bacteria as an entrance to the Kennelhosta, and dog's day is often a requirement to get there. But there is no guarantee that the dog can be affected.

The problem is now higher in the Stockholm area, but also in the northern Värmland and central Uppland, has been marked by an increase. In most other places, the level is normal. In Halland, it's unusual little kennel cough.

Although it may be is very difficult for the dog, it is often a harmless disease for the dog, "says veterinarian Johan Rosberg Thorell.

– They cough, but they often go through the worst phase and then improve again. But there is also the risk of getting secondary infections with pneumonia and feeling bad. But the simple coughing of the kennel is quite harmless.

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