India: More than 80 dead home-made spirits – Pages


India The mortality rate is strongly rising among those who drank alcohol in Northeast India. At least 84 people died and about 200 nurses, according to authorities.

Every ten minutes we receive reports of victims in different places. So far, about 200 are in hospitals and the condition of many of them is critical, says State Assam Health Minister Himanga Biswa Sarma.

Most of the victims work in a tea factory and must have drunk the toxic alcohol after they have paid their weekly wage. According to local authorities, everyone got sick almost immediately after drinking.

It is not uncommon for the poorest part of the population of India to die because of illicit alcohol production. Tea poisoning that develops in the state of Assam is less than two weeks since about 100 people died of toxic alcohol in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in northern India


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