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Huge throw of Kim Amb in Finnish match – ready for World Cup in sport

Ready for the World Cup after a new personal record

ofMats Wennerholm

Finnkampen also started the second day.

Kim Amb got a super shot at a dose of 85.89.

This makes him ready for the World Cup in Doha.

– It's magical, says Kim himself from the inside plane.

Kim had a good time of moderate 82.16 and by the European Championship of Bydgoszcz he had not reached more than 73.33.

But spear throwing and Finnkamper have a distinct history.

It wasn't just the best year for Kim Amb.

It was a personal record by over one meter and climbs to thirteenth in the world this year. And well, well above the Doha World Cup limit of 83.00.

– It's a lot of fun. Now you can go to SM and relax there. There aren't enough competitions to qualify, says Amb at SVT.

– It's so fun to do it at Finnkampen.

Photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT / TT NEWS AGENCY

Kim Amb is happy.

Win a record six years

His previous top scoring was six years, when he threw 84.61 at Zagreb.

Kim Amb had serious injuries and this season was his big return.

Now it's suddenly bigger than ever.

– I never had to have such a great time in my career. Never been to this before. It feels great to be able to do such good results before the World Cup, says Amb.

The second one also throws a lot

Kim has been to two World Cups in the past – 2013 and 2015 – and reached the final both times.

His huge throw came in the first round, but already in the second he showed no coincidence when the spear landed at 84.88. Even more than his previous personal archive.

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