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He dared to do his best

For more than ten years, the duo DJ Rebecca and Fiona have traveled the world and attracted a large audience. But after the crown pandemic, it stopped. “I miss the concerts, but I also feel relieved,” says Fiona FitzPatrick.

Fiona FitzPatrick, part of the DJ Rebecca and Fiona duo, turns 35 years old.Image: Henrik Montgomery / TT

For many, the coronavirus was destructive, especially in the world of music. The concerts were canceled and the necessary income was lost. This also applies to Fiona FitzPatrick. But it also meant a turning point in her life.

Twelve years ago, she and Rebecca Segia formed the duo Rebecca & Fiona. They started playing in various clubs in Stockholm and quickly became a name to be reckoned with. They became the girls who knew the art of raising the spirits of almost every club. It was soon also in demand around the world. The tours followed each other at an ever-faster pace – USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

In addition to concerts, they constantly made their own music, searched for new collaborations, interviewed and photographed in various settings.

– Now I do not understand how you did it. How could we constantly play four times a week and travel around the world. If someone told me to do it again, it would be like a nightmare. In such cases, I want my own tour bus and the soft one.

– At the same time, I miss playing a lot. But now he is just sitting on the boat.

The first period after the appearance of the virus was a great uncertainty. She and Rebecca were constantly preparing to start playing again. In time, they realized that it would not be possible for a long time. Fortunately, in the same vein, they were commissioned by Swedish Radio to lead the music program “P3 with Rebecca & Fiona” every Friday.

– Since we did not have our own concerts, we managed to work full time, exploring old and new music. It was wonderful.

All her free time also led to her desire to go back. Prior to taking up music in 2008, she was one of the most promising Swedes in the sport with ten years of experience and several wins in the Swedish Championship.

What was it like climbing after several years of hiatus?

– Some things were a little rusty at first. Above all, I had to be strong on the toes and so I thought the heights were a little scary, but now I have trained it.

– I do not want to start racing again, but I want to beat my personal better than when I was 18, so it will be exciting.

What happened to you during the twelve years you are a member of “Rebecca & Fiona”?

– What a difficult question, but I probably approached myself, I found my interests, what I like. I feel more grounded and safer. But I also gained less energy and I’m more tired, says Fiona and laughs.

– I’ve really driven for one hundred and eighty, so now it’s nice to be at home and on the radio and make music at home. It’s bullshit.

Another change is creating music. The music itself was with Fiona throughout her upbringing. Dad Greg FitzPatrick is a well-known musician and composer – who, among other things, created the sound for Adolphson & Falk. However, neither she nor Rebecca Shea knew much about technology.

– We have become much better at this. We wrote music in a completely different way and we were a little “young and stupid” ten years ago. This naive has something.

Speaking of which, do you have any advice to give to young girls today?

– Feel for your interests, because you are usually good at what interests you the most. Then you should try to participate in it and dare, even if not everyone around you believes it. You usually feel better and feel better if you do what you love and do not try to be something you are not.

The result may be that you will find like-minded friends who share your interests and values.

– It makes you stronger. This is something that the children have historically been very good at – keeping together and working together. And collaboration is a factor of success. ΤΤ


Fiona FitzPatrick

Turns: 35 years old on January 14, 2021.

Live in Stockholm.

Family: Tom’s friend, grandmother, mother, father, little brother and otto Fitz Patrick’s gun.

Do: Music producer and DJ. Recently started an audio company with Simon Hagström “We adapt ringtones, backgrounds and original music for advertising, film and television.”

Current: The husband on SVT’s “On the track” in January.

Regarding turn 35: “This is half past seventy. But it is soft. From the time I was eighteen to thirty-four, I was twenty-five years old. Now I think I am forty. In my timing, I will be for many more years. I think Rebecca and I will put a face on what a forty year old can look like and look like. ”

This is how I celebrate my birthday: “In recent years, we have played the role of Maffia, so it will probably be again this year. I like traditions. But we will keep the restrictions so that there is no celebration at all, and that is okay. We have already had many parties. ”

It reads: “Jia Tolentino ” Fake Mirror ‘. It’ s really great.”

Strength: “I am strong and positive.”

Weakness: “I plan badly and I’m a little worried and anxious, but it has improved.”

Does not exceed the limit: “Disgusting coffee.”

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