Facebook receives sensitive data – from many popular apps


The Wall Street Journal has examined 70 of the most popular US health and finance applications, some of which are also in Sweden. It has been found that many of the applications also send their user information just a few seconds after their entry.

Overall, there are eleven applications that provide sensitive data on Facebook.

Available applications in Sweden

Among these are, for example, an application where women can fill in information about their men's cycle, one that measures the pulse and one used to monitor the accommodation. TT writes that some of them are in Sweden, for example the Azumio "Heart pulse tracker" and "Flores, Gravidkalender".

Because Facebook collects extensive information – including sensitive data – for its users, it is easier for different companies to buy targeted advertising on the social media platform.

But this may violate EU regulations, says TT.

– For sensitive data, companies just need their consent, possibly the application developer and Facebook, says Dutch law professor Frederik J Zuiderveen Borgesius at the WSJ, according to the news agency.

Then Facebook responds

Facebook says their instructions for the app company are not to share sensitive user information.

– We require developers to be clear to their users about the information they share with us, says the WSJ spokesman.

According to the newspaper, there is no possibility for application users to leave the shipment of sensitive information further.


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