Tuesday , November 24 2020

Eric Saade pays tribute to Hanna Schönberg on social media with a photo

It was earlier this year that Eric Saade, 30, and Nicole Falciani, 23, chose to go it alone after several years together.

“For me, the main thing is that if you do not feel well, you should not be stubborn to stay long”Saade wrote at the time.

After the break-up between Eric Saade and Nicole Falciani, he began to speculate among his followers whether Saade had found love under the influence of Hanna Schönberg, 22.

Eric Saade’s tribute to Hanna Schönberg

Hannah has shown in the past a picture of Eric Saad’s love when he was on the beach. Many commented that they were cute, including the influence of Lovisa “Lojsan” Wallin who wrote “Gulligaaa” and Angelica Blick who wrote “Gullisar”.

Hannah and Eric should also have seen each other spend the summer together. And when Eric Saade turned 30 in October, Hanna Schönberg wrote on Instagram: “Congratulations on your 30th birthday”

Several photos have been posted on Instagram where they are holding and kissing.

Now Saade shows a new picture of Hanna Schönberg on Instagram where she writes “omkg” and adds a heart.

Hannah Schoenberg.Photo: Instagram / Eric Saade
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