Saturday , February 27 2021

Axel Pileby acquires the role of Tildes in TV4's new venture

The leader of the popular program, Tilde de Paula Eby, had a lot of synonyms with TV4's "News Morning" but chose to change the morning TV on television in the afternoon.

The program leader is the program leader for the new "After Five" initiative, which is premiered on the channel on January 7th and is broadcast every week.

Axel Pileby becomes a port studio

Now it is clear who will be Tilde de Paula Eby studio studios in the programs – Axel Pileby. Pileby is closer to TV4's sport and looks forward to working with Tilde de Paula Eby.

"For me, Tilde is Sweden's best leader, it is self-evident and can handle all situations regardless of issues and mood, plus in a totally natural way." Then work out – and find out – feel like the best Tilde makes everyone better in their environment so it feels very fun and commendable to collaborate on the same program, "says Axel Pileby.

"I was incredibly happy and proud"

The sports journalist has even participated in "News Morning", though not to the same extent as Tilde de Paula Eby. Every Monday, Pileby had the "Sports Chef Teachers" section in the program.

"I have been extremely happy and proud to find the question and it will be exciting to engage and form a whole new program along with the other editors. Obviously, it is a challenge and I think everyone knows that it's hard work to be done from the beginning "I have a great deal of respect for the assignment, but I hope to contribute to what I like most, to be curious and to support a journalism that combines seriously with ease," says Axel Pileby.

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