Friday , May 14 2021

1st Password Updated for Big Sur – Enables Apple Watch

1Password has long been one of the most popular password managers among Apple users, and Canadian Agilebits developers continue to develop the program with new features.

Now, version 7.7 of the Mac app has been released with full support for Mac OS Big Sur and good news for users with Apple Watch and a compatible Mac: Unlock 1Password treasure with a quick double-click on the side button of the watch.

This is a feature that Apple has already used by Catalina for almost any situation where you need to enter your computer password, for example to approve the installation of a new program or to unlock the computer while it is idle.

Because Agilebits does not want to store your master password securely, the operation requires a Mac with a T2 chip or an M1 processor. This means, for example, that it has not been running on a Mac since 2015, and all but the latest Imac models.

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