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The royal four-leaf clover is also officially split


With a lot of rumors about the British royal family, he soon began suggesting that in a quadruple clover (Kate, William, Harry and Meghan) they could enter the divorce business. Now this has become officially.

According to foreign media reports, there was a remarkable division into the royal ranks: the brother Thanks in William they went with their women in every way – in the charity field. Let's recall that the four-year clover was together about a year ago at the royal charity The Royal Foundation. Some time ago, with many rumors that the brothers allegedly lost because of the conflict between their women, there was a suggestion that their participation would soon end.

The four-leaf clover, even before the respected rumors, that their relationship is not always in the best class.PHOTO: Profimedia

Though many doubted that their brothers would be broken because they have struggled for similar goals since the early days, it has happened. From the royal palace they recently made a formal statement confirming that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan left the Royal Institute. "This year, he will fully take over the Duke and the Duke of Cambridge, and this will be their primary charity at the same time." The duke and duke of Sussek are going to set up their own charity. will now work on joint projects within the Royal Mental Health Foundation, Heads Together. "

Joint meeting in February 2018PHOTO: Profimedia

At the same time, they stressed that all members of the "four-leaf clover" are extremely proud of their achievements and the creation of a charity that has and will continue to have a positive impact on people around the world.

Prince William and Kate will continue to lead the royal foundationPHOTO: Profimedia

The Douglas of Cambridge and Sussex began to divorce even before the birth of the first child of Meghan and Harry when they moved their office to Buckingham Palace, while Kate and William were together with the children in the Kensington Palace. The source near the royal family is ahead of time for the magazine Peoplesaid their separation was part of the development and not just the desire for separation. Since both brothers are married and have their own children, it is perfectly normal for both families to choose different priorities. At the same time, the source showed that the brothers differed in their way of work, so it was expected that they would have separate routes.

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