Sunday , November 29 2020

Spanish championship covert spy for mobile apps users!

The Spanish football league covered both the location data and the users' speech.The Spanish football league covered both the location data and the users' speech.

In the use of modern electronic services, we are somewhat accustomed to the fact that, in return for good services, we have to abandon partial privacy. The problem arises when technology companies do not disclose privacy violation or when the mobile application performs a certain "background" activity that users do not know about. This has happened recently to all those who recently installed the mobile application of the Spanish La Liga football league on smart mobile phones or tablets.

The mobile application of the Spanish football championship "La Liga" has secretly captured the position of its users and, with the help of the microphone, recorded the surrounding sound. An additional "feature" was prepared exclusively for the purpose of the Spanish Football Federation to discover the places where the Liège matches were transferred without proper permission and payment. When installing a mobile app, users had to confirm or click on the alert to allow access to the site and the microphone, but because they were not informed about it, the Spanish information officer had to give it here.

Due to the covert espionage, the Spanish football champions responsible for information has of course "ordered" a penalty. This was punished with a fine of 250 thousand euros. In addition, the Spanish football championship should disassemble the contested operation from the mobile application and the time to do so by the end of June. This will be in the form of mobile app updates.

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