Monday , July 26 2021

Slovenia tops without Primoz Roglic from the top

"What would have been the result with Primoz Roglic it makes no sense to talk about why he wasn't there," the dialer said. Andrei Hauptman For the purpose of a preliminary check on rainy Harrogat, he rejected all calculations of what the Slovenians six could do with the winner of the Spanish Vuelta. The seventh place at the premiere of the Mixed Relay Timer is solid, realistic, they say. The cycling countries Belgium, Spain and Denmark were this time for Slovenia. Tadej Pogacar, Jan Tratnik, Roglic Jaka Primozic's replacement, Eugenia Bujak, Ursa Pintar and youngster Urska Bravec have retired. At 28 kilometers, the Dutch were 38:57 behind the world champions (1:57 minute) and the bronze medalist one minute and six seconds behind.

Everything on the shoulders of Pogacar and Tratnik

The weak side of the Slovenian group was homogeneity. In fact, most of the work on the Slovenian relay was done by four people. On Saturday it was announced that Primoz Roglic was canceling its cooperation because it still felt the effects of the crash in the final days of the Vuelta. As one of his favorites, he wants to prepare excellently for a unique timer on Wednesday. Therefore, the backup Jaka Primozic arrived in England just 20 hours before launch. The consequences were obvious on the road. Also for accountability. From the start, he had a hard time keeping up with the impressive members of the world elite and was backing six of them for 14 miles. "The legs were not rotating, the consequences of the trip were definitely", complained a younger member of KK Kranj Jaka Primožič, who will be the Slovenian representative in Tuesday's individual trial for younger members.

So everything was on the shoulders of Pogacar and Tratnik. They worked very well in concert. According to the men's section (14km), Slovenia, with a time of 18:24, was just 23 seconds behind the latest bronze medalist in Britain. After testing, the dog waits for doping control, Jan Tratnik However, for the discipline of the parade, the timer made the analysis: “We were not burdened with the result, but we were very motivated. We all understood the dismissal of Primoz. Tadej and I had a good time and compared to others who led most of the three, we had a good time. More common training is needed for more. I was feeling well and looking forward to Wednesday. "

Bujak did most of the work

The second tradition went on the wet road with a lively and wavy track still another female trio. With champion Eugenia Bujak, Urša Pintar and young Urška Bravec leading the team's timer for the first time, they were not as homogeneous in the abilities of the world superpowers as they could be. Slovenia was the smallest country and Eastern European team to make the team. Meanwhile, the troika had maintained a similar gap behind the British at 20 kilometers. Mainly thanks to Eugenia Bujak, who did most of the work, but "got paid" later and followed up with Urassa Pintar. "The route has proven very difficult. In the second part, I found it harder because I tried so hard before. I am proud to have led Slovenia. If this discipline is included in the Olympic program, it will be even more recognized," the Slovenian believes. Eugenia Bujak, who departed the individual timer on Tuesday and will race in Saturday's race. "Without any special preparations, there is no timer effect. Only 12th place does not motivate me. I bet everything on Saturday." Ursa Pintar He got the motto for the race through the gorges: “It turned out to be a much more difficult, more technical route than we thought. I like. I also like the race. "

With the premiere performance, it turned out to be an interesting discipline for the mixed relay timer. Slovenia was one of the most recognizable bands with Tratnik, Pogačar and Bujakovo. For example, Elias Viviani drove to Italy, Tony Martin drove to Germany, Bauquet Molema and Jos van Emden traveled to the Netherlands. The other top national teams had more experts, which is definitely an advantage given the industry specialty. The most deliberate discipline was taken by the Dutchman, who celebrates on the domestic streets of the European Championship in August. "With three riders, it's a lot harder to get a timer than seven or eight, as we are used to in teams. We look forward to this first unique title," the captain said. Mollem's viscera.

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