Sunday , November 29 2020

Lorenzo apologized to all opponents: I destroyed their race

After the motoGP category race for VN Catalonia, it was not difficult to find the biggest osmoljenec. Jorge Lorenzo dropped and took "the biggest opponent of teammate Marc Marquez, Italian Andreo Dovizios, as well as two coaches of Movistar Yamacho, Valentin Rossi and Maverick Vinales.

Jorge Lorenzo there is nothing to apologize to anyone involved in the accident, which marked the Sunday race completely in the motoGP category. Lorenzo had a good start from the beginning and was close to the top three with his teammate at Repsol Honda Marco Marquez, Andreo Doviziosom (Send Winnow Ducati) to Maverick Vinales (Monster Yamaha) at the wheel.

In the 10th round, 23 rounds before the end tried to cross the Vinales from inside and slipped, and his motorcycle "drowned" the first Dovizios and then Valentina Rossi (Monster Yamaha). In the crowd, Vinales was also on the floor, who, when he reached his garage, ran angry at the camera, as if to tell Lorenz that it was not entirely true.

Lorenzo (back) fights as soon as possible in Sunday's race at the Circuit de Catalunya.PHOTO: MotoGP

Dovizioso forgot his dissatisfaction and listened to the apology
Lorenzo refers to the Madrid calendar AS I wanted the team leader Albert Puig to visit the garages of all the mentioned drivers to apologize personally but only managed to talk with his former partner, Dovizios, while Rossi and Vinales have already left their cities in the garages. Therefore, Mallorca was invited to the director of the Japanese team Massimu Meregalli, as well as the General Manager of Ducati Louie Dalli, Coach Vinales Estebanu Garciiand coach Rossi Idal Gaviri.

Dovizioso is a "club with more or less tense moments", who passed together as a member of Ducati, accepted it "smoothly", they report AS. The Italian had to stand up from the table when he saw the Spaniard come in and then listen to his explanations. The conversation should take a minute and Lorenzo apologized to all the other members of the Dovizios team.

"The curse is entirely mine"
"Today, it's only important to ruin the race for the three contestants, it's a very delicate bend, it's too tight and if you do not know what to do later, then you can not get rid of it," said Rossi, Andrea and Maverick, Spanish media reported Lorenz after the fight.

"Guilt is completely mine, I feel bad because of them, I threw all the work they did over the roof, I'd rather have it alone, but now I can not change it." Sorry is not worth anything. to continue to understand some of the things we can fight faster. I hope this will appear in Assen, " Lorenzo has already turned to the next match in the Netherlands.

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