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Live: Big hit for Domzale #video


At 2 pm, Domžale and Celje began the fight for the first leg. The leading Maribor is in the 16th round of the first league of Telekom Slovenije in Ljudski vrt after a rebound, filled the net at Carniolan Triglav (4: 1)With Marcos Tavares with two new goals, he corrects SNL's first registration. In the opening race of the round, Moura defeated Gorizia, While Rok Sirk jumped to the top of the top scorer with a tenth goal. Olimpija, who is seven points behind the Violets, will tour today in Velenje and will host Aluminij in Krško.

Sunday: Celje 0: 0

The end of the first semester. Some viewers at Domžale Sports Park did not expect hits and Celjani will enter the second half with an advantage as they rely on the player more.

39th minute: A big hit at Domzale. Defender Tilen Klemenčič is an unsuspecting offense Mitza Lottery received a second yellow card and greeted him earlier in the match. Judge Roberto Poni he excluded Domžale from player and thus ensured that Celje players at the next meeting will be counted in numbers.

How did Tilen Klemenčič take the blockade?

30 minutes: the match between Domžale and Celje is poor for now. After the third opening of the match, the goal is 2: 1 goal for the hosts. The result is still 0: 0.

15 minutes: the first opportunity in the game. Matej Podlogar was forced Matzas Rosen and put it right in the kiosks. This was the first shot at the door in the first round of the 16th round.

Launch of the race in Domzale. He is the Archbishop Roberto Poni. Teacher visit Dušan Kosić the object, which at the last appearance was greatly lost in Maribor (0: 5) was mixed, Simon Rozman but he retained the team that won Gorica 3: 1 on Wednesday.

Domžale and Celje coaches set the eleven. How did they decide? Simon Rozman in Dušan Kosić;

Jamaican will alert you again Samar Nicholson, who scored four goals in the last two games? Celjani goes to the town near Kamniska Bistrica after the biggest win of the season when he lost home with Maribor with 0: 5.

At 14.00, Domžale and Celje will take care of Sunday's opening race. On Wednesday, the yellow family interrupted a long series of games without winning. He took fourth place in the standings and wants to jump even higher in the next season.

The carnival carnival in Slovenian greens takes place for the last time before a representative break in which Benedejčič will move with Norway and Bulgaria.

The unstoppable Tavares are already at number 145

Representative of the members Luca Zacovic in Amir Dervišević Saturday helped Maribor in a convincing victory over Triglav. Kranjčani surprised Ljudski vrt's favorites in the 26th minute when he was Tilen Mlakar has been a great success. Gorenjci's joy did not last long and was a captain Markos Tavaris with a master shot from a distance equalizer of up to 1: 1. The first half did not give the winner, but in the following, the violets dominated by three goals.

Marcos Tavares's goal to make it 1: 1

First, Zahovic led the First Division Leadership Group and then scored full Felipe Santos, the top and high victory of the Milanic company, which he judged Michael Antich, set the first hero of the Tavares meeting. With two goals, the SNL record rose to 145 goals and in 88 minutes when it left the field, it won a huge applause. In his place, Dervišević entered the game, which he played only a few minutes.

It's before the game Aleks Piler with the tenure of the director of NK Maribor Bojana Bana received a gift for the jubilee, the centennial anniversary of the Jersey violin.

Sirk was the first to break the ten success mark

In the first round of the 16th round, Mura took advantage of the pitch, defeated Gorica 1-0 and went to third place on the scale. Roses have shed their lives in the quarterfinals of the Cup, but this time the winner Year Sirk and the top scorers in the first league, Telekom Slovenije went first.

Hit Roka Sirka:

He became the first football player to break the limit of ten successes this season. Rosario continues a modest array. In the last six appearances, they lost five points in the championship or cup, and they won the point only against Rudar.

Olimpija returns to a happy ending

Stadion In the lake, the modern history of NK Olimpija is written in golden letters, as the dragons at the end of the 2015/16 season gave the title of the national champion in Velenje. This time, in the capital of lignite, they will win the victory because they do not want to get too far from Maribor. The race will begin at 16:00. Their designs also have handcuffs that are under leadership Marijana Pušnik, the former layer of the Olympiad, captured the rhythm and in the last rounds, quickly conquered the points from which they left the bottom.

Unforgettable celebration of Olympia in the penultimate round of the 2015/16 season. In green-white, only a handful of footballers insisted, who at that time won the title of national champion.

Unforgettable celebration of Olympia in the penultimate round of the 2015/16 season. In green-white, only a handful of footballers insisted, who at that time won the title of national champion.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

People under leadership Zoran Barsic they do not know the defeat, The Kronaveter Year With nine goals, he shares a leading position in the top scorer, Andres Vombergar won the prize for the best player of the month.

Andres Vombergar "class =" article_related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" http://siol.net/media/img/50/e2/265db3009eb161ef92c8-andres-vombergar.jpeg


Olimpija broke the Maribor rule, now has the #video better




Milan Mandarić "class =" article_related - image "size-size =" 95x95 "src =" http://siol.net/media/img/36/81/40dc2699ad940302473b-milan-mandaric.jpeg


Mandarić: Judges are fair Olimpija, but Maribor may be ashamed of the video




The final round in front of the representative break will be completed by Krško and Aluminij. Posavci looks for the way to take-over in the battle for survival, while Kidričani is a bit better this season. In the Cup, they ranked among the best between Krčani, and in the league fell into the outcome of the crisis and had to leave the top half of the table. In the last four races, they won only one point.

Top scorers:

10 – Year Sirk (Mura),
9 Year of Kronaveter (Olimpija),
8 Dino Hotić (Maribor), Rudi Pozeg Vancaš (Celje),
7 Jan Mlakar (Maribor), Luca Zacovic (Maribor),
6 – Andres Vombergar (Olympique),
5 Andreas Filivovic (Gorica), Svenie Ibricz (Domžale), Jucie Lupeta (Olimpija / Celje), Luca Machen (Triglav Crani), Jasmin Messanovic (Maribor), Samar Nicolason)

Match reports:

Video Features:

Maribor: Triglw 4: 1

Berries: Gorica 1: 0

Prvigigaška events on Planet and Sportal TV

During the 2018/19 season, you will be able to watch #PLTS in each round on a live TV show on Planet and Planet 2. Planet 2 will be broadcast from Goool! Monday at 20:00 on Monday by Dani Bavec. You can read more about the race schedule HERE.

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