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Is it the most effective and quieter? Heat pump tap!

The Slovenian company Kronoterm presented a new Adapt heat and air pump, which ranks first in 1176 heat pumps in Europe.

The heat pump scale is prepared by the German Federal Finance and Export Control Office (BAFA), assessing the different characteristics of the appliances and classifying them according to performance. Heat Pump Adjustment has surpassed the top of the scale with excellent performance, the annual SCOP phone line for air / water heat pumps incredible 5.21. This is an element that no other air / water heat pump is available on the European market. Including the incredible quiet of operation, the outdoor unit is quieter than the computer and the smart adaptation system to the outdoor temperatures and home properties.

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Adapt heat pumps move the limits

The Adapt air-to-water heat pump is not just a step forward in the evolution but a shift to the limits of heating heat pump development. "We knew evolution itself would not be enough, so we gathered knowledge and consciousness with various experts, users, installers, transporters, designers, architects and repairers to find exactly what you need in your home," said New heat pumps said Bogdan Kronosek, director of the company Kronoterm.

The fruit of its own development, based on Kronoterem's nearly 50-year tradition, is a heat pump that is extremely efficient, quiet, smart, durable, appealing, simple to manage, even at a distance, and environmentally friendly.

It works efficiently at temperatures from -25 to 40 ° C

The company has developed two versions that differ in strength. Customers will be able to choose between a heat pump of 3 to 12 kW and a slightly stronger, from 4 to 16 kW from September.

The ability of both is to operate efficiently in the outdoor temperature range of -25 to 40 ° C. The temperature of the lift, ie the heating water that can circulate under the floor heating system or the radiators, can be reached by 7 to 67 ° C. This is why the Adapt heat pump is suitable for heating all types of houses, whether they are radiators or underfloor heating. Its function is designed to operate at an outside temperature of -10 ° C with unchanged power. Only when the outside temperature decreases, the power starts to drop, however, it can heat the heating water at 55 ° C at an outside temperature of -25 ° C.

Smart operation and automatic adjustment

An excellent heat pump performance shows the annual heating value, which at 5.2 ° C elevation temperature is 35 ° C, while still at a high temperature of 55 ° C it is still 3.67. Such high performance was achieved, among other things, by intelligent heating management. The heat pump itself can adapt to the environment. This means that, on the one hand, it monitors outdoor temperatures in an external sensor, on the other hand, takes into account the desired internal temperature, and at the same time it is a great innovation and advantage, learns to recognize the properties of the house that heats it. It will automatically adjust to the environment, allowing its efficiency up to 30% higher.

Extremely easy to manage

For the user, this also means that the installer or repairer tells how much temperature he wants in the rooms and then he can basically forget about the heat pump. You no longer need to set the operating temperature curves when the device recognizes the house, it will do all the work itself and will always work best.

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Part of the system is also an individualized wall controller, which facilitates the operation of the heat pump and the heating system. In addition to monitoring outdoor temperatures and adjusting indoor temperatures, it offers even more advanced functions for automatic operation. You can upgrade your system with the intelligent Cloud.Kronoterm system, which allows remote control of the mobile device, performance monitoring and power consumption, automatic detection and error reporting, as well as many remotely remote services without the need technical technician.

Reliable and long-lasting performance

Kronoterm also took into account credibility. They have developed a system that reduces the number of defrosts and a system for long-term operation. The outdoor unit case is strong and protects all vital parts of the device. The built-in evaporator has an enlarged surface, so very little moisture is eliminated, accumulation less accumulates, therefore less defrosting is required. The condensate drain hose and the vessel are constantly heated and easy to clean. All together, it increases the efficiency of the heat pump.

The innovation is that the heat pump itself ensures correct and timely lubrication of the compressor. Long-lasting operation with the oil return system and special algorithms ensure the lubrication of the pump in all weather conditions and at all engine speeds. Consequently, despite continuous operation, compressor wear will be reduced.

It is also environmentally friendly

In addition to the fact that the heat pump uses air as a source of heat, it is also environmentally friendly due to the slightly degradable refrigerant on which it is being charged. It has a completely new R452B refrigerant that has no or no ozone impact. The refrigerator has a 67% lower carbon footprint than existing refrigerants.

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Quiet as a refrigerator or computer

The operation of the Adapt heat pump is extremely quiet and can be compared to the noise generated by the computer or the refrigerator. For maximum operating conditions, a stronger version of the heat pump at four meters from the outdoor unit measured the noise level from 26 to 41 dB and from 18 to 33 dB at ten meters. We can say that the Adapt heat pump is five times quieter than other heat pumps. Such a low noise level, among other things, is provided by a fan-operated fan with blade fins rotating very slowly, without affecting the operation and performance of the device. The compressor and other speakers are closed in an outdoor unit surrounded by a specially designed and isolated sound chamber.

It will not have to be hidden, merging with the environment

When developing the new product, they also forgot the appearance. In collaboration with Gigo Design, they have developed a personal outdoor unit, which can be selected in four different colors or materials. Its layout is simple, it can be installed almost anywhere, because it's almost heard. No extra protection is needed, such as awnings or fences. The new outdoor unit is much smaller than the previous generation heat pump outdoor units, but it is not yet too small as the company did not want to undermine the performance and noise level at the expense of size.

The indoor unit is also compact and pleasant, requires only half a square meter of space for its layout, but it looks like a piece of furniture in appearance so it can be placed in the hallway, so we do not need special space.

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There is a 200 liter water tank on the indoor unit. It also has a hygienic heating and storage system, hydraulically balanced system, emergency heating system, full control of efficiency and operating costs, as well as remote heating of the heating system.

Saving family car value

Kronoterm also calculated energy savings in heating. If you now use heating oil for heating, you can reduce your expenses in 15 years, so you can buy a family car worth € 26,000 with savings. Switching from gas heating to the Adapt heat pump means saving up to € 15,000 when replacing the pellet stove by up to 13,000 and replacing the IR panels to 32,000,000.

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