Friday , October 22 2021

Ilka utuhec in the arms of a famous Slovenian singer


During the pandemic, when people stopped and the music scene was lonely, a new rock band Hamer was formed on Slovenian soil, which is now presenting its first single. The song is titled Po poti sonca and the boys also recorded a video for it, in which our excellent skier Ilka Štuhec plays the lead role.

The singer, radio presenter and contestant of the popular show Famous Face has his own voice, Tim Kores, has a new band. Accompanied by a drummer Aleš Uranjek they also work Aleš Murič in Dragan Bagaris, and the boys diligently rehearse and create in recent months.

“Mostly we’re going to play original music. You can expect everything from heavy to sugary. We have a really huge number of tracks. “… There are many ideas. I look forward to showing you.” Corey recently told

The first result of their work is already here, ie their first single Na poti sonca, for which they also recorded a video. Our alpine skier plays the main role in this Ilka utuhecQ He was supposed to be playing with another player in the video at first, but when he was not there, Corey himself took on the role of her heartthrob. “In the beginning it was a little uncomfortable for both of us. We know each other, we have to play love scenes … But in the end it was great because we know each other and we are friends.” told Kore on the POP IN show.

Otherwise, the boys say they plan to release a new song every two months. They have a lot of songs in stock and ensure that each one will be crazier than the previous one, especially the videos.

What will the Hamer band, which was created at the most inopportune moment, “hit” with?

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