"Hollywood loves story for himself"


Against us, the Oscars are rewarded – the most prestigious awards in the field of the film. This year's event is accompanied by heated debates, all of them worth being sculpted, in a "scandal" with the leader. How much power they still have, many ask.

Is Oscar still prestigious?PHOTO: AP

The Oscar is one of the most prestigious film awards. The fact, which has been counting for ninety years, is facing increasing criticism in recent years. On the one hand, it is criticized for lack of criticism, but on the other hand, it can no longer compete with the current era, where the information is momentary, everything can be found on the internet and opinions are formed on social networks. Many believe that no one else takes the Oscar seriously.

"The Oscar story is not just a story about the rewarding films but also a story about television ratings that have to be high enough to get sponsored by the US academy. What time the academy looks more courageous and suggests fewer starring movies, but the scores are falling quickly because there are no big names among the main guests …"He said in a brief conversation Simon Popek, President of the Liffe Film Festival.

After ten nominations received the film Roma and The Favorite and with multiple nominations, the films "The man from the background", Zvezda je rojena, Zelena knjiga and BlacKkKlansman can be called.

Despite the big movie titles and names, the score falls and falls. Last year, the show was watched by about 26.5 million Americans on live broadcast, which was almost twenty percent less than last year. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the American Academy has decided to introduce some changes to the Academy Awards. Among other things, direct transfer will withdraw some awards (photo, assembling, short films and make-up and hairstyles) and wanted to introduce a new category for outstanding achievements in popular film – especially for ultrasound movies.

"Meanwhile, it became a story about the proposal to award Oscar for the most popular film. This leads to disappointment and ridicule. "However, since this year, for the best film, Black Panther is also a candidate, the category itself seems to have become more relaxed." Since eight to nine films have been assigned to this category, they are the candidatethis underestimates the class,"added Papek.

You can also watch the Oscar-winning fever in the KINO program where you can see the women's winners at the Oscars Weekend on Friday, February 22, at 20.00 at ERIN Brockovich (Erin Brockovich) on Saturday, February 23, at 20.00. (Still Alice) and Sunday, February 24, at 8 pm, the Iron Lady premiere.

"As for Oscar nominations this year, there are no surprises. The academy continues to follow the trend that began five years ago with Birdman, the attempt to express the primal visions of "abandonment," "absurd" or "mere" difference. The films that are a sort of rebellion to the classic actors who won the Oscar at the end of the previous and the beginning of the century, as well as films that deviate significantly from the generally recognized taste of the audience. In recent years, the best films have been chosen as sunset glasses, smaller films with pre-American themes and messages and increasingly interfere with productive and linguistic non-US territory. The main concerns about the boycott of Netflix's production are also declining, as this web giant has reached as many as 15 nominations (if we consider those in the field of documentation)"but his thoughts on the collapse of this year's Oscar Damien Winter, editor of the Pro Plus program.

It also adds that the feature of this year's reading (with the constant search (this time widespread American history) and the launch of "modern" sociopolitical access codes and guidelines, emphasis on the contribution of the biography of music:If we exclude Black Panther, which is supposed to be the first comic show to win the title as the best film, all the candidates in this most acclaimed category are composed of modified biographical pieces either at their own personal level (Green Paper, Roma) or in the social political context (Favorite, Black KKKlanovec, Man from the background). If bohemian rhapsody can be personalized and due to the wide-ranging musical influence of social biographies, Zvezda has been tested (already several times) with musical imagination with excellent connection to the current music scene. Allow me, in the last two titles, to allow only a recurring reminder that none of them corresponds to the definition of music but only to musical drama."

What are the expectations?

Popek believes there is a double-sided sword in the Roma film – the Roma is a candidate for the best film and the best foreign language film: "It can happen that the voices are scattered and eventually remain. But I think it is still such a strong film that is among the favorites. The reason says Roma, "but:"Hollywood loves a story for himself or for celebrities. Here I see very strong both Zvezda and Bohemian … Hollywood likes to see herself, be it a story about a musician, a film about an artist in a creative crisis … I will never write them."

"Even this year, I was not able to see all the main candidates, but if I do, however, I shake off my impressions or expectations, then that is the case. I was personally attracted by a trailer for Cuaron's black and white masterpiece, which we promise most of all. both Bohemian and Star only imagine a solid musical creation (I prefer the first, more because of the reconstruction of musical sections than the biographical dimension itself), the Green Book personally made me with human warmth , but I did not see it as a surplus. For Klanovac and Possa from the background, I have not taken time (probably because of a general aversion to political issues) and I have not yet been able to see the loved ones, to whom I am basically inmate because I do not belong to the fan club Yorgos Lanthimos,"Winter added.

The Oscars of Sunday's Prize Ceremony without a Leader

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives more attention to the winners this year because it has decided that this year's ceremony will take place without a leader. Problems with the host of the event began in December when the player is in Kevin Hart has decided that it will not lead the prize due to protests caused by its older homophobia on Twitter. Originally, the American comedian, at first, did not want to apologize for his tits, despite his proposal by the academy, but later did. The Academy concluded that it would not be hosting for the first time in 30 years.

Earlier this month, the Academy revealed sculptors. They are among them Daniel Craig, Brie Larson, Awkwafina, Chris Evans, Tina Fei, Hope Goldberg, Emmy Packer, Emmy Paher, Maya Rudolph, Amanda Stenberg, Miss Tisdale in Constance Wu. These are some names that will take part in the awards ceremony. "This is an important moment in Oscar history,"wrote the director of the Academy for the news Dawn Hudson. "This year's event keeps tradition, but at the same time evolves to reflect our global audience,"he added.

"And just a proposal for the prize itself. Unfortunately, it seems to me that because of the wrong sanctions / reactions to e-worship, there will be no leader. I think we should first condemn patients traveling to people aged 10 or over with the sole purpose of publicly defaming individuals and not of what controversial issues someone broke out or drunk last summer on a drink in Poldet. To understand, I condemn the spread of hostility and hostility and I do not even understand the need for online distribution of emotions, words and images that, in my humble conviction, face face to face communication. But if we are already going to sell such things or explain intimacy, then let's grow up and accept that people say many things that we do not have literally as a reason. And that the world around us would look to us if we can not get through it, it's getting dirty and rotten, and we'll just limit our little virtual bubbles. Thus they were deprived of the essence of real mutual contacts and remained eternally uncertain, eternally dissatisfied, and increasingly convinced that there is nothing beautiful about the people around us,"Damian Winter is added to the end.


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