Thursday , August 5 2021

His voice The ninth exhibition of photographic photographs

The 9th International Biennial Photo Exhibition 2018, organized by the Photography Company Janez Puhar Kranj, opened the central event at the Carniolan Prešeren Theater.

Kranj – Miniatures is a unique exhibition of photographic photographs in a predetermined form in which artistic wishes must be combined with the appropriate content of the photo. This year, 103 authors from 18 countries of the world responded to the Miniature Competition 2018, of which 63 were Gorenjci. The theme of this year was besides the free subject, which is the basic prerequisite for any good miniature – minimalism. The organizers wanted photographers to extract the essence of the pattern that must give a story, a reflection or a testimony.

The international committee, made up of Branislav Brkić from Serbia and Slovenia Aleš Komovec and Jure Kravanja, carried out a demanding job, having examined in detail 791 photographs taken. In the free subject received 95, and in the theme of minimalism 123 works. All photos are displayed in the Prešeren Gallery and the Town Hall of Kranj and will be displayed for at least fourteen days.

During the event, they officially published the jury prize winners in each issue, FIAP International FIAP Medals, FZS Photographic Association, FD Medal Janez Puhar Kranj, six FIAP honors and award winner with the best writer a blue FIAP mark and Janez Puhar's gold medal. The latter was received by Selga Casellas Anna from Spain. FD Janez Puhar Kranj also won the honorary plaque of Janez Puhar, which won Boštjan Snoj. At the same time, they announced results for the best society, writer and clip for 2017. The most successful club in 2017 became Fotoklub Ljubljana, writer Igor Debevec, and the recording of Acte Noir I is the most successful recording.

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