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Giant changes in the banking market


With Abanka's purchase, NKBM thoroughly analyzed the cards in the Slovenian banking market. Following the very likely acquisition of Abanka, the NKBM will be almost exactly the same as the NLB.

More specifically, NLB, from the balance sheet total at the end of last year, will be less than 1% higher than NKBM and Abanka. The balance sheet summarizes the amount of funds available to the bank and how large its investments are.

The independent NKBM was the second largest bank in Slovenia, but at the same time half is smaller than the NLB and now with the purchase of the third largest bank, the scenario that was revealed four years ago in Delo's interview Gernot Lohr, an older associate in the US fund Apollo, owner of the NKBM: "We want NKBM to become the biggest, even with the acquisition of other banks". It was clear to Lohru that the state must sell some banks and that some other banks are too small to pay for their work in Slovenia.

By creating a comparatively large banking block, NLB's dominance in the market is ending and, most importantly, probably the period of tectonic changes in our banking market.

After the crisis, several banks closed the door, sold, merged, replaced the names. You still remember that a few years ago we had Hypo Bank, Raiffeisen, Volksbank, Probanka, Faktor banka, Banka Celje, Poštna banka Slovenije; Also, with the banks still running on the market under the same name, the owners have changed.

Within a few months, the owner replaced three of the four largest banks with us

Since the state has been the state for the three largest banks with us, the minority share now has only one share (with the exception of the SID Bank).

Bank Abanka | Author: Dejan Mijović

Dejan Mijović

On Wednesday, the state sold Abanka and an additional ten percent of the NLB. Most of the NLB shares were sold in November last year, but the state remains the largest shareholder after additional sales yesterday with a 25% stake.

The NKBM was sold for 250 million euros in 2015 and a third less Abanka, now with unofficial information, twice as much. For three-quarters of the NLB, the state earned around 720 million euros.

Gorenjska banka Author: Anze Petkovšek

Angels Petkovsek

Gorenjska banka also received the new owner this year, with about 5% of the market as the seventh largest bank in Slovenia. It was bought by Sava and other minor owners from the Serbian bank AIK, which it owns Mjograg Kostic. In early June, after the end of the small shareholders, it became a 100% owner.

In early May, Societe Generale announced that SKB Bank had sold the Hungarian OTP bank. SKB Banka has a good nine percent of the market and is a bit smaller than Abanka, which is the fourth largest bank in Slovenia.

The season was opened by Volksbank

The wave of changes began in 2012 when Volksbank bought the Russian Sberbank. One with less than 5% of the market continues to insist on us, although in 2015 it is said to be on sale and Apollo should be among the stakeholders.

Then, at the end of 2013, Faktor banka and Probanka were cleared, DUTB merged in February 2016.

Four years since the launch of the Apollo Fund

In the middle of 2015 a hike started through the Slovenian banking market by the American Apollo Fund. He bought the NKBM with Poštna banka Slovenije and then at the end of the year another Slovenian Raiffeisen, which was temporarily renamed KBS Bank and then a smaller bank merged with the NKBM. Now, with the Abanka market, they set up next to each other with the NLB.

Bank of Celje | Author: Anze Petkovšek

Angels Petkovsek

On October 5, 2015, Celje Bank merged with Abanka and in October the Austrian Bank of Slovenia came out of Slovenia, which only had a branch here.

Hypo Bank | Author: Журнал24 main

Journal24 main

Following the sale of Hypo Bank to the American Advent International Fund in mid-July 2016, it was followed by the renaming of Addiko Bank, which holds a 4.6% market share. Apollo and the Hungarian OTP, who bought SKB, are interested in buying but have not yet come to market.

bank Koper | Author: Saša Islamović

Saša Islamović

In December 2016, Banka Koper was renamed Intesa Sanpaolo and the ownership was transferred, but within the group. The majority shareholder of Banka Koper became the Croatian Privredna banka.

After the fight for sovereignty, expected changes in the company are also expected in Lon Savings Bank, which is 0.75% higher than Primorska Vipava Savings Bank. The Kylin Prime group, which has Chinese capital, has already signed contracts to buy more than half of its shares, but expects a takeover bid.

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