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Does the SDS candidate violate campaign funding rules?

SDS candidate in local elections and Karitas humanitarian aid chairman in Leskovec local community in Leskovec Ana Vindis used help packs to invite voters to support SDS and NSi in the elections.

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Ana Vindis gave a political propaganda brochure to the Karitas package

"We invite everyone to attend the elections on Sunday, do not let others decide for us, we go to the polls and we vote for the changes." With these words a letter was written on the help sheets written by Caritas Vindisheva. At the same time, he urged the recipients to support candidates for the CSS and Greek candidates in the elections.

When the issue came to the public, NSi distanced itself from her act, believing it was the abuse of those who needed help. They pointed out that this was an act of Vindiš's arbitrary act, as NSi was in the letter without knowing.

He followed the inner voice

Vindiševo wanted to ask about the history of political turmoil, but he did not respond to our appeal. Speaking in the Večer newspaper, he said: "I wrote this letter in which I urge my comrades to vote for NSi and SDS candidates next Sunday, because I am convinced that it is time to help small people." Caritas has nothing to do with the letter, but the inner voice has convinced people get other information. "

The Court of Auditors did not answer our questions about the violation of the funding rules for the election campaign due to the absence of competent authorities.

We unofficially learned that Vindiš is doing it with a very thin ice. Why; If there is a contract between Karitas and SDS as the organizer of the election campaign, distribution of electoral material is likely to be legitimate in terms of financing the election campaign. In this case, the client will have to notify the costs in the final report on financing the election campaign.

But if there is no contract, the information could be illegal funding. In this case, the delivery of the electoral material is regarded as a donation, even if it was made free of charge, which is disputed by the law, as it would put the remaining candidates in an unequal position.

If the Court of Auditors conducted a financial audit and actually found irregularities, the campaign organizer, in accordance with Article 14 of the Law on Election and Referendum Campaign, should commit the amount of illegal humanitarian aid.

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Karita condemned the use of their organization for political purposes.

Inacceptable and inappropriate

For the comment we also contacted the Slovenian Bishops' Conference under the auspices of the charitable Slavic Karita, but they sent us directly to Karita. "So the act of a Caritas parish worker in Leskovac is unacceptable and inappropriate" responded in response to a humanitarian organization. They underline that, according to the ethical principles of the organization, Karita's activities are politically neutral. "Caritas helps everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, religious or political co-existence, language, wealth, birth, education, social status, disability or any other personal circumstances. According to the statements Petar Tomažič written in ethical principles.

According to him, the Code of Conduct also provides. "My colleague, Karita, does not exploit the strength of Karita's colleague to exert pressure, gain love or gain economic, professional, political or sexual gain."

Both the Caritas parish priest, the parish priest where Karita works, and the Secretary General of the Archbishopric Karita Maribor have declared the act unacceptable. The event will be discussed at the Caritas Leskovec parish in subsequent meetings according to Caritas' competencies and moral principles and will act in accordance with their internal actions, Tomažič added.

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