Wednesday , June 16 2021

Does the government decree not drink water? This was achieved by the Slovenian family of lawyers

Legal Network for the Protection of the Republic Calls on the government to amend the decree banning travel to red-listed countries, as this could lead to mass lawsuits.

“In cooperation with the Senica Legal Service, we succeeded in the Administrative Court with a request for an interim injunction, which allowed the plaintiff and his family to leave the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, despite the government’s ban on traveling to blacklisted countries. “The court upheld the legal challenge to the decree setting out the conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia due to the restriction and control of the infectious disease COVID-19 of 28 March 2021”, they wrote on the website.

According to them, the plaintiff and his family can leave the country so freely and exercise the constitutionally guaranteed right to free movement and family life.

“We propose to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to amend the decree as soon as possible, thus preventing the mass filing of lawsuits and, consequently, additional charges in the administrative court.”

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