Dallas without being destroyed Doncic helpless, the finish line is increasingly distant


After a short break after the end of the All-Star weekend, the NBA returned to Dallas. Mavericksi suffered a third consecutive defeat in his stadium, this time victories at the American Airlines Center were delighted with the Western Second Division's basketball players, Denver (104: 114). Slovenian basketball captain Luka Doncič could not help his teammates because of his ankle injury but at the same time he was recognized as the best newcomer in January.

The average Luke Doncic this season: 20.7 points, 7,2 rebounds, 5,6 assists, 3,2 lost balls, 1 stolen ball, 0,3 blocks in 32 minutes and 2 seconds.

In Dallas, Denver's basketball players, who have made great appearances this season, have won another win this season. As in December, this time he was the main culprit for winning the guests Nicholas Jokic, who completed the game with a double duo (19 points, 13 rebounds, 8 podaj). Luka Dončić lost the match due to a swollen right ankle. It is not yet known whether the Slovak basketball player should also abandon the match with the Utah Jazz team.

Although the 19-year-old Ljubljana did not come out on the floor, he again returned great attention. At halftime he won the Best Newcomer Award in January. This is the third consecutive award for Doncic and was declared the best newcomer in November and December.

Luca Dodic is newcomer in January:

Doncic's best performance in January:

Dallas decisively in the first half, then fall

Dallas, who had won for the third time in the series, was totally opposed to the first half. The Texas team came out with a completely changed original peter (Jalen Brunson, Maxi Kleber, Tim Hardaway Jr., Dorly Fini Smith in Salad Bye). The Mavericks scored the first quarter at 30:25, with a half-time delay (51:52). The Nuggets gave a decisive advantage in the third quarter they took from 39:24, increasing the advantage to +17 and stamping the fate of the scorers. Come on Rick Carlisle In the end, Dallas basketball slightly degraded the 32nd defeat this season.

The absence of Doncic from Dallas was used by Brunson, who started the fight in the first five and set his new record. He finished the match in 22 points and five sets. He followed him Dwight Powell, which with 20 points surpassed his highest gain in the points achieved this season, Finney-Smith and Hardaway Jr. completed the meeting in 13 points achieved. In addition to Jokic, Denver was the most effective Paul Millsap with 17 points, Isaiah Thomas added them to 16.

Doncic's enthusiasm for Salah Mayri's trio:

The 24-year-old Jokić Serbian center reaches 20.4 points this season, 10.6 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game, while the top scorer of the championship is from 1.161 points in 25th place, two positions in front of the Slovenian asom and the current newcomers to the Doncic League (average 20.7 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game). This season, Doncic played in 55 Dallas matches and it all started in the first five.

The distance is further away

The Denver Nuggets has 40 wins and 18 defeats in their 58-game account, and at the Western Conference they are only behind the top Golden State Warriors. After three consecutive defeats, Dallas is even farther away from the NBA Playoff City, with 26 wins and 32 defeats in 12th place in the West.

Main points of the Dallas fight:

The filming of Georga and Westbrook

Oklahoma launched a Utah Jazz team after two extra steps on the court, which will be Dallas's next opponent. Utah is half an hour until the end of a regular troika Ricky Ruby led by 129: 126, but on the other hand, he took care of the equalizer with a basket and an additional free throw Gemmy Grand. The meeting was not decided even after the first extension. With a basket of good half minutes to finish, the result was 139 Rudy Gobert. To win the hosts, in the second expansion, a second shooter of the meeting took a second to the end with a cart Paul George.

George's basket to win:

Giorgos (45 points, met in game 17/31) and Russell Westbrook (43 points, a deposit from the 15/29 game) reached 88 points in Oklahoma. In Utah, he was the 38 most efficient Donovan Mitchell, Gobert added 26 points, Derrick favors but two more.

Leonardo's charge with DeRozan

He was also extremely tense in Toronto, where home-made basketball players threw San Antonio (120: 117). At the very end of the match he is the first sniper of the meeting Kawhi Leonard (25 points) for just 17 seconds to steal the ball DeMar DeRozan and taking hosts to leadership (118: 117). On the other hand, he lost it thereafter Davis Bertans, Leonard confirmed Toronto's win with two free shots.

DeRozan, who spent nine years in Toronto this season, had a nice welcome in the former room, but his 23 points were not enough to succeed in San Antonio. Marco Belinelli finished the race at 21 points. For Raptors, besides Leonard, who played for San Antonio from 2011 to this season, with 22 points, was the most effective Pascal Siakam.

Highlights from Toronto:

NBA League, February 22:


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