Sunday , November 29 2020

Cancer at night took Esperanza

He was not a fighter, but a man who loves life. This is the way in which the Mexican star asteroid itself is signaled Edith Gonzalez, believing that she will win the struggle against ovarian cancer, which she has struggled since 2016, because of this faith and love for life.

It charms us like a beautiful Esperanza on the telephone avenue. Never forget me.

"I can not do the other thing as an acceptance of my past and present and hoping for a long-term future that I will live peacefully, with love and joy," and "I am alive, despite the illness, remained optimistic, which, unfortunately, proved vacant.

Her state of health was greatly worsened at night, that she had landed in a hospital in the capital of Mexico, where the last dozen of dying died. On Thursday, he was disconnected in the early hours with the devices he kept alive.

It was five years

Blonde curls and big blue eyes. Then, as the five-year-old Edith noticed a television producer when he sat on the TV show, he pulled it out of the crowd – and the star was born. In the following years he gradually fills the treasure of seventh art and signs 26 films, many plays and 34 telenovelas, with which he won the hearts of Slovenian TV audience, perhaps the most beautiful Esperanza in Mexican sage. In 2016, she withdrew from the camera as her fate struck her hard. Three years ago, doctors discovered ovarian cancer and the struggle with this deadly devil came to the forefront of her life.

In sorrow, they remove the heads of their friend and colleague Leticia Calderon and Erik Buenfil.

"The cancer I've discovered is very aggressive," said a star after a diagnosis, but did not lose hope in any way. In any case, when the cancerous tissue was removed surgically, along with the ovaries, the uterus and the lymphatic glands. "I am intense and full of life," she was convinced of the victory that hit the horizon, when after many treatments and accompanying hair loss, the disease was led to a recession.

But then she did not sit on laurels, but continued to walk with immunotherapy "only in this way I can prevent cancer from returning." Unfortunately, that was not enough, he returned a month ago, apparently strengthened. "Her death is the result of a cancer struggling bravely for the last three years," she protested strongly about the actor's premature death in just 54 years from her husband Lorenzo Lazo.

In 2016, he was diagnosed.

Social networks were quickly overwhelmed by words of deep and sincere sadness. "You will never miss your heart," said farewell to his active colleague Maurizio Isla, likewise, Esmeralda turned to sorrow Leticia Calderon, but a touch of comfort, her friends found her in the fact that the glittering star of the always bright and sincere smile eventually found peace. "Deep sorrow, but finally you are resting," she said goodbye to her Erika Buenfil, star telenovel Marisol and True Love.

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