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Weiss divides the fans into two camps: No one can resurrect more than that …

Vladimir Bess
Vladimir Bess

ACT – Vladimir Weiss took care of it again. While in October, among the players who beat the Czech team after a break with the Czech Republic, in the Monday match of the League of Nations in Prague left the game before leaving the stadium and left the stadium.

Pavel Hapal did some good political sparles after 79 minutes. "We know that Vladislav Weiss, we know how he plays, we decided about another variant, we did not leave the fight but it was not written that he will not play in the next fight, so I do not see any problems in this" said the Czech coach of the Slovak delegation.

Weiss has no such problems for the first time. A month ago, Qatar's 20-year-old Gharráf player was among the players who, after an internal loss with a Czech squad, broke their lives. When coach Ján Kozák learned this, he decided to resign.

Friends were divided into two camps in the next case. While some of his behavior was condemned, others do not understand that Hapal did not give him the opportunity. "Slovakia without Weiss is like Barcelona without Messi, it could only revive the game." wrote Ján's opinion on Facebook Športiek and joined as Mark: "No one can bring it back and bend more than it does." or Miroslav, who believes that Hapal is over and Weiss has lost the land.

"Well, let's not let this happen, let's not let that happen, let's assume everyone will stand in their heads, wrote his gaze on the subject of the people of Ludwig, and in a similar way expressed other commentators.

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