Wednesday , October 20 2021

This is the same: Kate and Meghan for the children violate the strict royal rules


The British Prince's spouses in this thing often violate the protocol.

Maternity does not hide any of these. While Triple Mother Kate had flourished on the side of her beloved husband and three beautiful, healthy children, Meghan was as bright as half Prince Harry and her future mom.

Both members of the British royal family have great weakness for children and have done it in recent days. No one can resist children even though they violate this royal protocol.

Source: Reuters

They do not defend themselves

During a recent Royal Duchess and Duchess of Sussex tour in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Meghan proved that her heart is right. Like Kate, she does not even want to show her humanity and empathy to the public.

Source: Reuters

We were able to see how our future mother walked around and embraced the little guys who welcomed her. It seems that she refused this method of contact by her sister who often uses her mainly because she is a triple mother.

It is this common weakness, but at the same time the most beautiful gesture towards its followers, connects Kate and Meghan.

And it was not the first time they both relaxed their feelings. Although they are close to security and are members of the royal family, they do not hesitate and come to the crowd with open arms.

Embassies are human

Bad languages ​​say that Meghan is not as sensitive and dear as it seems at first. Some, according to some, are just trying to copy sister Kate, whom they love and still act as an actor. And the actor can still play any scene or emotion.

On the other hand, non-playwrights who talk about Kate are the "slogan" of the US slogan – a hug for everyone. And since Meghan comes from the United States, he attributes it to this action.

But we think that hugging someone is not an American custom and we also believe that Meghan does not play anything in the public but gives himself. What do you think;

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See how it is similar, especially at moments that forget:

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