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The thief will not exceed this additional car security even with a copy of the start key. How is that possible? – Auto-moto – Commercial news


Every year, more than 1,000 vehicles are stolen in Slovakia. Do you think this does not apply to you because you are parked in your own garage, have a GPS tracker or an alarm? However, none of these arguments are a 100% guarantee that they will not steal your car.

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Car thieves are becoming more sophisticated every year. In their work, they use a key reader, a diagnostic device or a signal blocker, thanks to which they open the vehicle in a few seconds and leave with it without a trace. If you do not want this to apply to you, additionally secure your car with VAMPIRE Lite electromechanical safety.

This 7-way locking system can lock up to 7 parts of the car simultaneously under one electromechanical combination. Therefore, jams, amplifiers, and code readers do not work in this. VAMPIRE Lite locks the following 7 car parts: engine, clutch pedal, electronics, parking brake, battery, fuel system and engine control module.

Do not use VAM03, PR

Why is VAMPIRE Lite unbeatable?

This 100% anti-theft security system, which no thief has outgrown for almost 20 years, works on 2 principles:

1. Principle of combinatorial

Different car parts are blocked in each vehicle. It would take the thief tens of hours to find and break this protection.

2. The principle of uniqueness

Each vehicle is uniquely insured. As a result, the thief can not detect this mechanism even if he disassembles the same car model with the VAMPIRE Lite system installed in the house in the garage.

Another advantage of this fuse is that – unlike other systems – it has no battery consumption. So you do not have to worry about running out of car batteries when you stay still for a long time.

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In 20 years, not a single successful attempt by thieves

With the VAM system, your vehicle is in maximum safety. The statistics also support: although the thieves tried to steal up to 500 cars that had been insured in this way, they did not succeed even once.

Extra protection

VAMPIRE Lite can be expanded by 2 sections: NSS towers one VAM AcousticThis will protect your vehicle from other theft techniques, such as loading, pulling, pushing, lifting, tilting, stealing wheels, entering the engine compartment or entering the interior of the vehicle or luggage compartment.

One-time investments without unnecessary charges

VAMPIRE Lite is a one-time investment that requires no additional fees, either for operation or for system upgrades. Its price depends on the make and model of the car. You can request a non-binding offer at this link.

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