The season of flu in full swing: How to prevent it in the family?


Family tricks to avoid influenza.

Influenza in many parts of Slovakia is furious. However, this does not mean that we can not defend it. Do you know what basic rules you have to follow in your family to avoid an unpleasant illness and the rebellion in your home?

Increase the dose of vitamin C and check the levels of vitamin D

In the time of influenza, it is not enough to consume enough fruits, even in the case of children and it is not very realistic. Therefore, the whole family – should also take vitamin C as a supplement.

Vitamin C deficiency means greater susceptibility to diseases and weaker immune system function. From the food, eat special oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, strawberries, peppers, spinach, cabbage and broccoli.

Even vitamin D has some connection with immunity. There is a presumption that viral diseases are more in the winter because we have fewer D vitamins in these months. For infants, pregnant women, the elderly, it is important to supplement this vitamin in the winter.

If you are not sure if you have enough vitamin D, do a blood test. Vitamin D can be found in fish oil, egg yolks, dairy products, avocados. However, only small amounts of food are insufficient to meet the daily needs of winter.

Get good sleep

Lack of sleep means more resistance to illness. Ensure that your children comply with sleep hygiene, keep cell phones and tablets at least two hours before bed and regularly go to bed the same night.

Illegal sleep, slow dinner during weekends can reduce the quality of sleep and contribute to the illness.

High quality sleep of children and adults helps with pleasant evening ceremonies such as a hot bath, relaxation techniques, reading a book or relaxing speech.

Emphasize good hygiene

Household hygiene is a debatable subject. Some studies have shown that the sterile environment hurts children, but on the other hand, it is not good to ignore hygiene habits.

Especially in the flu season, we must stress – and be an example – washing hands after arriving at home, before eating after lunch after every use of the toilet. The hygiene of mobile phones, printers, handles and switches is important.

Teach children every time they get sick or dirty to cover their mouth with the hand they wash. It is also useful to wash your hands after your nose has been cleaned. It is important to know that their behavior can also affect the health of other people. indirectly cause their illness.

This is a great responsibility, is not it? In addition, it is shown that good hygiene habits are the best way to protect against viral diseases.

During a visit to a doctor

Staying in a full-time waiting room is a complete source of illness.

If your child is healthy or sick, try to minimize your stay in the waiting room. Find out how many people are in front of you and go at least for a while from the waiting room – if you are not in the time of the clock.

An advantage is an outpatient clinic, and the system will remotely show you how many patients remain in front of you. Until there are two or three before you, you do not have to be in the waiting room.

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