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Raperka Nicki Minaj does not last in Bratislava.

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The long-awaited Friday concert of one of Nicki Minaj's most successful tournaments and the guest Juice WRLD had to be canceled in Bratislava. Organizers accuse singers of managing.

The Nicki WRLD Tour concert at Zimnom
the Ondrej Nepel stadium initially started after the 19th hour, when he had
the preacher to take the Slovak Majk Spirit fight. Promotion Agency XL,
who later organized the event, later announced the opening of the concert
going to 21:00. The reason was the delayed arrival of trucks
with technicians and staff who came from Munich with more than 5 hours
delay. This was where the opening concert of the tour was held on Thursday.

However, the waiting period increases and the audacity of the audience has begun
increase. When, after a few hours of waiting, eventually came to the bottom,
the whole scene was still under construction. Rock fans are
but they did not let them down and they hope they will still do it.
Current information about facebook's official page
the organization itself confirmed, but it was just before midnight
the worst case scenario.

Nicki Minaj, who,
argued that the Slovak side, ie the construction of the stadium,
did not provide sufficient technical background. "Keep an eye on
they were trying to work, but this building told us this
they just do not have enough strength to get our show. Feel
terrible, because you waited for hours. We really tried to do everything,
"Minaj said to the audience, then went downstairs
to the fans and with personal radiation with them.

The promoter XL favored this claim. In their words
they did not yet have such a case. "Nick Nicki Minaj was canceled on his part
artist. XL Promotion Agency for nearly twenty years since its existence
did not cancel a concert. Ondrej Nepel's winter stage meets everyone
technical standards and offer XL fulfilled all the requirements
which Nicki Minaj produced. The concert was not held exclusively
by non-professional Nicki Minaj. We did a lot of big ones
world productions such as Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Eros Ramazzotti, Lenny
Kravitz, Onerepublic and many others, "they say in an official statement
is published on facebook.

The biggest concert was ultimately paradoxical that one takes care of
of fans who started dancing spontaneously on the floor. Behind them
ováků all the stage has also tried theatrical plays by accident
passers-by or amateur holiday dancing.


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