Monday , September 20 2021

The Czech Republic will play in Poland, Ukraine in Turkey, farewell to Rooney

In addition to the UEFA League, which culminates in the last two rounds in November's Hours, other preparatory games will be held. Slovak rivals in Division B of LM Ceska will run against Poliak on Thursday in Gdansk. After a match in Trnava (Friday, November 16), the Ukrainians will play a preparatory duel with Turkey in Antalya.

Czechs with new coach Jaroslav Šilhavý won LN in Slovakia 2: 1 but lost Ukraine 0: 1. The Duel with the Poles will be a check for them before Monday's duel in Eden with Paul Hapal. There will be a lot in class B, as Ukraine has won three victories in the first team. Up to six players in the Czech team seven years ago won silver at ME under the age of 19. These are Tomáš Koubek, Jakub Brabec, Tomas Kalas, Pavel Kadeřábek, and later appointed by Jiří Skalák and Ladislav Krejčí. "We are in the ideal age of football, we already have experience" said at Bologna Gymnasium Krejčí. "We are not going to have some fun here, we want to be on the pitch, we want to have good results". said Defender Hoffenheim Kadeřábek.

In Wembley, the former US captain Wayne Rooney officially beats the English national jersey in a duel with the United States. A thirty-three-year-old striker is a record player in the number of goals in England. In 119 matches in the colors of "Albion" scored 53. The last most expensive jersey was dressed in November 2016, when the English played against Scotland 3: 0. "It's great and I really look forward to that" On Monday I had the first workout and I felt very strange that I was again among the players "The representation of the country has always been great honor for me" a former Manchester United player and FC Everton, who is currently active in the Overseas MLS.

In England, two qualifying games are played by five world champions from Brazil. In London, Uruguay (November 16) and Milton Keynes (Cameroon, November 20) are waiting for them first. Tite can not count Philippe Coutinhom, FC Barcelona midfielder, and Marcel.

November 14:
19.00 Switzerland – Qatar (Lugano)

November 15:
12.00 Bahrain – Kuwait (Al Farvania)
12.00 Uzbekistan – Lebanon (Coast of Goald)
15.30 Iran – Trinidad and Tobago (Tehran)
18.00 Poland – Czech Republic (Gdańsk)
19.15 Israel – Guatemala (Netanya)
20.45 Germany – Russia (Leipzig)
20.45 Ireland – Northern Ireland (Dublin)
21.00 England – USA (London)

November 16:
02.30 Peru – Ecuador (Lima)
13.00 Japan – Venezuela (Oita)
15.25 UAE – Bolivia (Dubai)
16.00 Saudi Arabia – Yemen (Dammam)
21.00 Brazil – Uruguay (London)

November 17:
01.15 Chile – Costa Rica (Rancagua)
03.00 Honduras – Panama
09.50 Australia – Korean Rep. (Brisbane)
16.00 Jordan – India (Amam)

November 18:
20.45 Spain – Bosnia and Herzegovina (Las Palmas)

November 19:
16.00 Iceland – Qatar (Eupen / Belgium)

November 20:
09.30 Australia – Lebanon (Sydney)
11.00 Korean Rep. – Uzbekistan (Brisbane)
11.20 Japan – Kyrgyzstan (Tojote)
12.00 Morocco – Tunisia (Rades)
12.00 Nigeria – Uganda (Asaba)
13.00 China – Palestine (Haikou)
13.00 Iran – Venezuela (Doha)
16.00 Jordan – Saudi Arabia (Amman)
18.00 South Africa – Paraguay (Durban)
18.30 Turkey – Ukraine (Antalya)
20.00 Albania – Wales (Tirana)
20.30 Brazil – Cameroon (Milton Keynes)
20.45 Italy – USA (Genk)
21.00 France – Uruguay (Paris)
22.00 Peru – Costa Rica (Lima)

November 21:
01.00 Argentina – Mexico (Cordoba)
02.00 Chile – Honduras
02.00 Panama – Honduras (Panama City)

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