Monday , March 1 2021

The 2021 Hockey World Cup may be in Slovakia, the minister confirmed

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Slovak Deputy Minister for Sports Ivan Hus Αr confirmed that Slovakia is participating in the game for the co-organization of the World Hockey Championship with Riga, Latvia, in early May and June.

MS against Hockey.

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The tournament was originally scheduled to be hosted by Riga and Minsk, Belarus, but the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) on Monday deprived Belarus of the right to participate in the tournament. The IIHF President informed that there are three possibilities for the 2021 World Cup – the tournament will be hosted only by Latvia, or Riga will organize the championship together with Derma Herning or Slovakia Bratislava. The Slovak Ice Hockey Association (SZĽH) has not yet confirmed discussions with the IIHF on this issue.

According to Husár, as of Tuesday, the Chairman of the Board of the Sports Support Fund, Ladislav Križan, who is also the Director of the Sports and Recreation Facility of the Capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava (STaRZ), the city of Bratislava.

“However, the applicant is also from Denmark. However, hosting a World Cup team in Bratislava is realistic. Coalition negotiations on this issue have not yet taken place. It is very fresh, but the bubble will form very well in the Primary School. Ondrej Nepelu School, because the stadium is connected to the hotel. “ Ivan Husár revealed on Wednesday afternoon during a press conference for the financial support of sports, TK took place right in front of the Bratislava Winter Stadium Ondrej Nepelu.

So far, other world ice hockey championships have been held in Slovakia, in May 2019 they were also organized by Košice together with Bratislava. Previously, the World Ice Hockey Championship was held in the Slovak Republic in 2011. The IIHF canceled the championship in May 2020 in Switzerland due to a coronavirus pandemic.

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